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Sunday, September 2, 2007


Just checking in:
It has been a whirlwind summer. I am so, so tired. I hope to rest up and eat right over the next week or so and get back into some exercise. I also hope to bring out the Best Life book and join the website for ideas. And I hope that brings a little of my energy back--because I am just so depleted! I just need a little time and with school starting next week.....whew!!
So, know you all have been in my thoughts and I am proud of the goals you have met :)
Leonie, I hope you feel better soon! Cindy, I enjoyed your photo there as the first post when I came to visit here. It inspired me!!
Off to get some work done. Keep up the good work ladies!
PS-I did need to share that my dd, who is 4, is my new coach. She MADE me run down our street and home the other day when we took the pup for her walk. It has been a long time since I have run that far. The next day, she MADE me play soccer with her. She is determined I will get into shape. For that I am thankful and hoping I can keep this up...I really am tired :)


Leonie said...

Your dd sounds fun! We are at the tail end of winter here, dh is away for a month , we have colds and flu...But my workouts keep me sane!

I've read part of the Best Life book, on your recommendation, and have liked what I've read. Should really finish it, I guess! lol!

Anonymous said...

I should finish the Best Life book too! I bought it almost year ago and have been stuck in phase 1 since then. When I am even in a "phase"-lol.
DD made me run again yesterday--and it was easier. Of course, the weather is just gorgeous-fall is on the way. It is inspiring me to move...
Hope you are feeling better,

Leonie said...

I am getting better - still working out but eating hasn 't been great - the flu makes me feel blah! lol! Did Taebo Bootcamp 2 yesterday - a great bootcamp work you hard workout! I'll look for my copy of The Best Life today, too, I hope....

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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