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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Thirty Minute Blitz Workout

Hello everyone!

I just left the YMCA and they had a table set up front with fresh oranges, fitness bars, bottles of water and info. One thing I grabbed was a lime green sheet with this on it.. thought I would share it as it looked like a great option for a quick at home workout. I may give it a try this weekend.

Kids might want to join in, too....! They might smoke you on the jumprope part.. maybe everyone take turns doing things.

Here it is.. see what you think:

Thirty Minute Blitz Workout

Warm up: 10 minutes (bike, eliptical, treadmill, stairs, etc)

Jump rope 100X
Push ups 10-15 X
Elbow to knee crunches 20-30X
Squats (holding dumbells or cans of soup) 20-30 X
Step ups onto high step, bench or fireplace hearth 30 seconds
Pushups (again?!) 10-15 X
Reverse flys w/dumbells (laying prone or over big exercise ball) 10-15 reps
Jump rope 100 X
Alternating lunges 20-30 reps
Tricep overhead extension (with or without dumbells or soup cans) 10-15 reps
Bicep curl (with weights or soup) 10-15 reps
Jump rope 100 X
Plank hold - 1 minute

Cool down and stretch 5 min.

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Leonie said...

Ooh, looks like a fun challenge - one to do with dh or the kids.

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