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Monday, January 21, 2008

Love the Turbos!

I posted awhile back about some of my workouts feeling too easy.

This last week, I have found a way around this, wth the Turbo Jam kickboxing-cum-dance workouts.

Each workout has one, two or four Turbos - short anaerobic drills, about two minutes long where you go all out and really get your heart rate up. Working out in intevals is a great calorie burner and also increases your aerobic endurance.

So, I've been upping the Turbos - today's Fatblaster workout usually consists of four low impact turbos and four high intensity turbos. I did four low to medium impact and eight high impact - LOVED it!

And I usually find, if I do only Turbo Jam for a week ( TurboKick is the gym version) - well, my upper abs get flatter and some little indents on the sides. I think its all the twisting and standing ab work.

Turbo Jam ( and TurboKick) always have low impact and beginner options so if you are after fun and better abs and good cardio that's my suggestion! lol!


Cindy said...

Wow, Leoinie I just made my spinning post, then read yours!

Oh, I love intervals. They do get you going. Today at spin, I pushed it on those intervals and felt so good that I kept mine going when she had the class recovering...this does not happen often for me, so I know it was a good workout day.

Isn't it good how we can read our bodies and know we can push it at times we are strong, but also know we can back off when needed?

Leonie said...

Funny that we are both into intevals this week!

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