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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Body Combat

Tried a new class they just began offering at the Y today.. Body Combat. Has anyone ever tried it? I am not at all good at kickboxing.. the form.. the rapid punches, protecting the face, etc... but this was fun! It is set to music and boy, I burned calories. But the kicks, I have a lot to learn.
Of course I thought of Leonie-- she probalby would have loved it and had the form down, too!

They offer it Sat mornings, so will keep going. It was a lot of fun!


Leonie said...

I've heard GREAT things about Body Cobat - sounds cool! Kickboxing is very empowerng, a great calorie burner and good for resistance training, too.

Cindy said...

Yes- my hr was most definietly UP there. The resistance is what is hard for me. You are supposed to keep your form tight--- and create resistance kind of just with air as you punch, etc. I'm not very good, but I like it b/c it is a challenge and keeps my mind occupied so I forget how hard I am working. lol

Rachel May said...

It sounds fun and like an AWESOME workout. You two take fitness to a place I will probably never go. (12 lb weights? REally? If I do 1 lb it's a huge day.) When I tried kickboxing, I was always too timid to really get into it. I think I get performance anxiety. I wish I didn't becuase then I could do some of the fun classes you talk about. What ever happened to the dancing class that started with a "Z"...Zumba?

Niamh said...

One of my new year's resolutions (yes, yes, I know. People are generally very skeptical of NYRs. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE resolving to do things! NYR's are the BEST as far as THIS KID is concerned! ;-)) Where was I? Oh yes, one of my NYR's w/r/t exercise was to ACTUALLY get over my personal anxiety issues and TAKE A CLASS. Just one. An easy one, even. And why am I resolving to do this, you ask? I've been inspired by all these classes you all are bravely trying! Zumba! Body Combat! These intimidating names and implied threats of aerobicized-personal-violence do not slow down the LBNM ladies! :-) Surely little-ol'-me can handle some Beginner's Yoga or Jazzercise! In short, a lighthearted way of saying, "good for you, Cindy!" :-)

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