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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You are not behind.... ala Flylady

Hi friends-
Thanks for the comments on the Body Combat post. I was about to put a comment there but thought I would start a new entry, since they are free. lol

Nimah, I loved your thoughts! And I must tell you, that honestly I am not into the martial arts kind of classes. Others are so much better at it than I and actaully I kinda cringe when they say to keep my hands up and 'protect my face' AS IF I would really be in a fight! But the Y makes it fun. And there are few people there who act cool and like the rest of us are dorks. It is all in good fun, or else I would not even be there.

I think Jazzercize is a great start and lots of people do that as their main exercise for life. I did Jazzercise for a long time and just moved to the Y last summer, mostly because of schedule and that we had a full family membership already at the Y, so didn't want to pay for both.

I was nervous when I began classes at the Y. Because they are bigger and there are some of the 'big girls' like I call them... super fit and doing Level 3. But there are also lots of Level 1 (or Level 0) lots of elderly people and kids. The atmosphere there is very encouraging, but those who want to push themselves can.

I began with the low impact classes, where there are lots of Level 1 and 0--- and then stood in the back of the class as I tried new ones. But, I decided to try them all- and realized no one really cared if I didn't do it right, or even if I had to leave because I could not keep up. (which I did a couple of times). Everyone else is really thinking about their workout, not mine. And most all the instructors care and would never belittle, but instead really encourage.

So... all this to say... go for it! I would just stay wayy in the back, and then as I felt more comfy move up.. and then often would stay right up front so I could SEE what the heck the instructor was doing!

Is there a Jazzercise near you? I just loved Jazzercise and still really miss the people and keep in touch with my Jazzercise friends.

Yes I was not good at Kickboxing, I think because they were so worried about form. They would nicely try and help me correct my form, but honestly I didn't really care about the form, just wanted the workout. But, I ended up just blocking how silly I thought I must have looked and went for it. There is always someone better than me and worse than me in each class.. so who cares? lol

And, with weights.. I have been doing this for a long time... and started out with 5 pound weights and lighter.. this has been years to get up to where I am. And yesterday had to go back to 12# again. It is all individual... and I never thought I would be using a 15# dumbell. But it was fun to pick that puppy up and heft ! Whooo Hoooo! (I know, I need to get a life... lol)

But, I do like what Flylady says about housekeeping-- for those who don't know her, she is very encouraging and shares how to tackle a hopelessly messy house in baby steps. She says you are not behind.. start where you are.

I think this is true in fitness... I try to remember when I mess up, or when I had a big weight loss goal. I am NOT behind. Just start in small steps and keep moving forward.


Rachel May said...

I agree with the Flylady about not being behind. It is one of my favorite things about her and keeps me going back to try again. I think you have a great gift to not worry about the other people watching you. If I think I'm right, I don't care (like when I'm out with my billion kids and people are making snide comments), but when I know I'm all messed up (like in kickboxing class) it's hard for me to loosen up and not worry about it. That and the weights are some good things for me to work on. Thanks!

Leonie said...

Interesting to hear part of you fitness story, Cindy.

Now, I LOVE kickboxing, love feeling owerful, pretending I'm into the whole nartial arts thing - heck, I even get carried away when I play boxng on the Wii! :-)

Cindy said...

Hi Rachel-
I have had lots of times in my life I worried what other thoguht. Like age 12-18. :0

I was the worst.

Then, it got better, but I remember a defning moment.
I was shopping for a piano for our family. I had had a few lessons as a child and wanted my sons to try. I looked in the paper and went to a house where they had one for sale.

I rang the bell and was let in.

A rather quiet woman led me to the living room where the piano dominated a wall in the well-kept room.

I tried it out and asked her if she played. She told me she knew how but rarely played because she was embarrased to play in front of others- this included her family.

I had felt a bit of the same thing but, at that moment decided that when I get my piano I am going to PLAY! No matter how many notes I miss, or how bad I am!

And I did.

I think about that moment often when I am in such things as body combat.. I went again on Sat and ended up on the front row. Oh, I was bad. Could not do the jump-kicks. I needed more coordiation. But tried and the instructor was 3 feet away from me (I was on the front row) and I smiled at her and she smiled back shyly.

I found out later she had just been certified and this was her irst class to teach.So maybe I was there for a reason and I am so glad I smiled!

Anyway, I try to keep things in perspectiv and try new things....

even if I am no good.

Leonie-- I KNOW you are great at kickboxing adn martial art..

Susan said...

I have been getting back on the 'flylady' program for my house for a few months. It is finally beginning to show a bit.

I have been in a real rut over the fitness issue. I spend too much time beating myself up for allowing myself to get this out of condition, and the *weight8 of my self condemnation has overwhelmed me to the point I haven't started.

But I have been pondering the flylady appraoch. The thought hit me recently that, My body didn't get this way overnight, and it's not going to immediately revert back to fitness. (As she says about the chaos in the house, it didn't get so cluttered overnight!

So that is helping me mentally to focus on the present, and to do something.

I believe my worst obstacle comes from the voices in my head that have been berating me. It's time to tell them goodbye, and to live, now today!

thanks, Susan

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