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Monday, January 21, 2008

Genotype Diet

I read The Genotype Diet book over the weekend by Dr. D'Adamo. It certainly is an interesting read. It is essentially about how you can understand your genetic inheritance and work with it by eating and exercise to reach optimal health and to age well. The science is much easier to follow that the Eat Right for Your Type books, I think. And I'm always for anything that's going to give me an extra piece of self-understanding. I admit I am struggling with adapting the dietary changes, since I have really gotten used to the Type O program I've used for the last two years, and this has a few different emphases. But I do think that if you want help in making friends with your body, reading this book might help you. You could say his mantra is "one size doesn't NOT fit all," or in other words, the same sorts of diet and exercise approaches do not work for every person.


Leonie said...

Wow. I wonder if my library wil have this book. I have never read anythng about types and nutrition so know next to nothing about this.

Cindy said...

Interesting Marie!
Thanks for the review...

Cindy said...

Me again, Marie.
I like how you said to 'get to know your body.'

I think it is so easy to find a 'diet' and just slap it on our own body expecting a good reaction. This is really all very holistic. And fitness is not just being a certain size or the outward appearence, but all the cells of our body, our organs, our blood, skin, bones, all living, all growing all needing nourishment.

Add to that our hormones and then our mind and spirit and it is who we are.

Mind Body Spirit-- our bodies really are a temple that we need to care for.

Making a connection with our bodies I think is important- has been for me-- and especially helped me when I would get mad at me (my mind)for letting my body not be healthy.... or I would get mad at my body for not "looking" how I wanted it to.

Silly! My body is just reacting to what I give it. Love, nourishment and exercise... and it responds beuatifully. Why don't I give it these things? That was my key... and it comes full circle to spirit.

Quiet time and prayer are essential too. And I want to be friends with my body--- it is the one God chose for me, imperfections and all.

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

Thought for the Day

"Good friends are good for your health."

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