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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kickin' it up a notch...

Hi Leonie and all-

I saw your last post on your other blog and commented there... you go girl!
That is an achievement when your regular workouts are no longer hard. It means you have improved cardiovasularly and also in strength. That is an achievement! Love the picture, too.

I have a very challenging week ahead of me, workout wise. I am at the point where I can workout hard for an hour and my strength is getting there, too. This week at my powersculpt class, a 60 min class where we do strength, but it is aerobic. We do lots of active strenght training (like squats, etc) and then have intervals of high intensity aerobics--- very challenging!-- well this week I took your Billy Blanks advice and challenged myself.

I usually use 10 pound dumbells, and go up to 12 pounders when I want to push For the first time during arm rows, I pulled out a 15 pounder. Took it slow and steady so as not not injure myself.

Boy I am sore.. and she had us really pushing in other areas, too.

This coming week I have challenged myself to add an *additional* 45 min of aeobics 3 X a week. This is in addition to my regular aerobics and strength. I just want to push the envelope a bit. I also would like to get the scale moving back down. It has been very happy right where it is for about 5 weeks, and I think my body needs a shake up.

Should be a fun week!



Leonie said...

Wow, Cindy - you really are pushing it! cool!

Sometimes I wonder if I need to stop pushing and just enjoy where I am - then go back to pushing. But I worry if I don't have intensty, I'll get fat. :-( And I love pushing it! lol!

Cindy said...

Well, I am pushing it this week, but I really am trying to listen to my body.. not overtrain, but when I feel I am ready give it a push!

I think that is part of what keeps it interesting.. though I must admit I don't like it at all when I am sick, or not feeling well, or bloated or.. tired. But I guess those days are good because they make me appreciate the good days.

I want to play tennis again, too, but there is just not enough time.


And you won't get fat, Leonie-- you are so wise about food and moderation and all that. So let yourself relax when you feel the need!

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