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Monday, January 21, 2008

Spinning again

Well, I am back to spinning 3 times a week and today I had the most awesome workout I just had to post!

I didn't feel like going. I had sinus and was a bit dizzy and my head hurt, in that sinus way.

But, I went and Lynn, one of my favorites was the instructor. She really uses the music, which I love.

I pushed it.. and really got the old heartrate going and, it was hard... especially pu those 'hills' but felt so good!

Burned 460 calories and was sweating like a pig!

Whoo Hoo!
Just wanted to share!



K said...

How did your sinuses feel afterwards? Mine always feel better. It is amazing, yet I always fight getting out there! Silly me...

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen! They were better when I finsihed. I was a bit dizzy at times during, but knew it was just the sinuses. You are right-- I almost always feel better after I work out (unless I am really sick and don't yet know it!)

Leonie said...

Yeah - I've had an unwell week but my workouts have made me smile and feel better, day by day..

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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