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Monday, February 25, 2008

Did some running

Well, I have tried to keep increasing my jogging. In the subject I called it 'running' but am not sure an 11 minute mile counts as that.

But I got some new shoes with my old running buddy from college who was visiting last spring at a running store, so my joints don't hurt as much. I have been trying to increase my milage, or really time, and decrease my walk breaks.

Saturday was my best to date, running (jogging) 5 miles in about an hour. No joint pain the next day!

Today I did 3.5 miles. And tonight the UPS guy (we love him around here) delivered a new pair of the same style of shoe. It was getting beat up and not cushioning, and i found a great price for a replacment pair online.

I like jogging. Especially with my ipod. I switch between KC and the Sunshine Band, Devo and Catholic spiritual talks. My heartrate is definitly faster with Whip It, but I love to hear Scott Hahn and he has me looking forward to confession this weekend. ;)

That is all from here. Working off Valentines goodies... oh, and my ezcema is back. I KNOW it is the food. It is allergic, I know. this week I had girl scout cookies and lots of refined flour so plan to cut that out.

Hope you all are healhty and well!

Oh, and hello to two friends I invited here who are not going to post (so they say.. lol) but are reading.

Hi Barb and Roxanne! Love you!


Leonie said...

Hi Barb and Roxanne! :-)

Great job on the running, Cindy. Do you get that runner's high? ( I call it a kickboxing high, but you know what I mean! lol!).

My eating has been unhealthy all week - have an upset tummy still so am eating very little and when I do eat its mostly junk! Terrible!

Oh, and the kids and I love Whip it! Have you seen Raising Helen? That song is featured in this film...

Rachel May said...

Cindy, You ARE a runner! 11 min miles were my best time ever and I call myself a runner. Here's an article about what seperates runners and joggers. My favorite line is "I AM A RUNNER because my shoes are training equipment, not a fashion statement.... "


And you are inspiring me to revisit my ipod playlist. I had lots of thoughts and suggestions, but the follow through was non-existent

Cindy said...

Hi Leonie-

Yes I have hit that 'runner's high' twice now, always when I pass mile three and enter into mile four. It doesn't alwyas last too long, but I love it!

Hope you feel better!
Also I just downloaded We Got the Beat by the Gogo's- great running music.

Thanks for the encouragment Rachel.
I always thought 11 min miles were slow because when I was in my 20s and ran a lot I was talking with my then boss and mentioned my 11 min miles and he, in his flat Kansas sense of humor said I might was well walk.

Funny how little remarks stick with you! :0
Ok i will be proud of my 11 min miles!
My goal now is to make 5 miles with no walk breaks. Did pretty well this week with 2 15 sec breaks and then 1 45 sec break.

And so glad no joint problems! So far, so good!

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