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Friday, February 1, 2008

Cindy did it :)

Ok, OK, Cindy's post inspired me to give you all an update.
There really isn't much to write in this particular season of my life. We have been busy with a lot of family funerals(2 in 6 weeks, a 2 day drive one way-ugh), family visits(both going to and people coming--the guest room sheets get changed more than ours:), dh working 7am to 8-9pm, and the holidays. Trying to get the kids back to a good place for homeschool to work, get them sleeping again, etc.
BUT--I WAS in my little basement "gym" before all this started and for about 3-4 weeks I was exercising pretty much every day. Walking, and starting to jog, on the treadmill. Some work with weights. Stretching--oh, do I need that! The Pilate's video. It was good :) IF I can exercise the diet follows, as I feel so good in my skin, I don't want to ruin it :)
Right now, the mind is willing but the body just isn't there yet. I want to stay in bed in the am. So, right now I am being kind to myself and I am staying in bed most mornings. I'll be back. It is a season. I continue to walk the dog in the woods on the weekend when dh is home snoozing with the kids in the am. We have started going to a homeschool gym day and last week I played football with the boys--I was so sore. This week a few of us Mom's played some b-ball with the girls. That worked better than football. I miss our neighborhood walks, and waves, but Cindy is right--it is so COLD here in Ohio. It has been hard to drag the kids out. The dog is fine :)
So, I am still here. I am still inspired by you all. I just had nothing exciting to report. I will be back.


Leonie said...

Hey, Anne, you had a lot to report - LIFE!

Your basement gym sounds good and I know you'll get back to your consistency.

Cindy said...

So nice to hear your update, Anne.

Your life sounds very busy now and it is hard with funerals- it is a season of life, just that in itself.

I agree, as you say, life is all in seasons.
Your basement gym sounds great. I loved having a basement in Ohio and my friend there had a wonderful treadmill and she used it constantly- I would borrow it, too when I could!

I read all the time that becomeing active in your lifestyle really is as or more important that 'workouts' because you up your activity in daily life.

But, right now your warm bed also sounds good in the am... keep us updated when you can!

Spring is getting closer....:)


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