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Friday, February 22, 2008

Mood Altering Drugs

Well, it seems that I am not so strange for going through a funk right now. Two weeks ago I was energized and doing a form of nesting which can only be described as "extreme". Then I got a cold and the cleaning lady came and I sort of just pooped out. Yesterday was the worst. The entire morning I was exhausted and unmotivated and uncheerful and unlike myself. And for the first time I wondered about PPD and whether it can set in before you have the baby and whether I should ask about medication at my next OB visit.

After a quick nap, I thought a little about what had changed. My cold and general lack of enthusiasm about my current shape (I can see my cheeks some days) led me to stop eating some of the good foods I have stocked up on and stop exercising. Giving up desserts for Lent left me feeling deprived (I'm offering it up at the same time as I'm looking around for a good chocolate substitute). I'm not sleeping well at night. The weather has kept me from being outside and talking to friends I enjoy. I stopped drinking water.

So I made a decision. I got on the exercise bike for 1o Braxton-Hicks filled minutes. Then I had a glass of water, a spinach salad, and my vitamins. I read a funny email from a really smart friend who told me that she had forgotten how to spell the word "the". And then I got back on the bike for 10 more minutes. Last night I made slept like a baby, and this morning, I started moving furniture and shampooing carpets again.

Exercise, good food, restful sleep, friends. Those are the mood altering drugs I prefer.


Cindy said...

What a wonderful post,Rachel!
You are always so optimistic and witty, too... and this post is the best!

Yes, I is amazing how a few little things change our whole outlooks. The best think I ever learned was to try and have the presense of mind during the doldrums to know it will be OVER. Though today is murky, tomorrow will be sunny.

Such good advice about the water, eating and exercise. I put some icky (but yummy) food in my body on and after Vday.. and felt it all week. I honeslty think that is why I felt almost flu-ish this week and had to quit a couple of workouts because I felt so bad.

Also my eczema is back, and I realize that it is allergy related and I have been eating white bread and other things my body does not like again.

Oh, and water.. yes! I feel so much better when my body has it. And exercise is the ultimate mood enhancer.

Well this whole commment was just a giant YES to your post.

Hope you continue to feel better and strong, and know that spring is coming... Feb is almost over. I remember hwen i lived up north.. the goal was to just get through feb, then the sun was coming soon.


Cindy said...

Oh, and your friend who forgot how to spell 'the'.. hilarious!

Niamh said...

Isn't it funny how good one feels while exercising and eating right, and how easy it is to fall off that wagon? Or at least, it is for me! :-) I spent a few weeks in the doldrums, saying, "I WANT to exercise, theoretically, but apparently not enough to actually get up right now and DO it." Then something kicked in and I'm back on track and MAN does it feel good! :-) I have to keep reminding myself about how much better I feel when I am treating my body well! Keep it up, Ms. Rachel P. Jones, Esq. ;-) Love, N.

Leonie said...

Those endorphins kicked in! Take care of youself, Rachel - esp at this point in your pregnancy.

Rachel May said...

You guys are just what I needed. Just knowing that I could come here and share about a small good thing made me so much more eager to do it. Think I'll hit the bike now actually!

And Nimmy P. is your half marathon soon? I'm dying to hear about it.

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