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Friday, February 8, 2008

This is REAL Penance

Hello Friends,

I know I haven't posted in a while. However, on my blog I recently posted about how I am giving up sugar for Lent. What I mean by sugar is desserts and anything full of white/brown/corn sugar. So, I can have fruit and if someone makes me BBQ pork, as my friend Sara did yesterdat at her house for lunch, and the sauce has some sugar in it, that's fine. Ketchup (not that I am really into Ketchup) is fine. I think you get the gist. Today is day 3. And I have some interesting observations.

1) Since I haven't eaten obvious sugar, I am less hungry for other food, so I find I am not snacking much. Hmmm?

2) I am much clearer mentally, even though I have 2/3 pot of coffee in me. I like coffee with cream and no sugar, so the coffee hasn't suffered.

3) I am not as TIRED! (This is huge for me!)

4) I make much better food choices throughout the day,which has made me realize how often I would turn to cookies, chocolate etc...when peckish...instead of just grabbing an organge, banana, or handful of roasted almonds.

5) I am thinking about Christ's sacrifice in the dessert alot. I am 'clinging' to Him much more throughout this ordeal. Because even though I am not craving sugar (which is weird) I still mentally think about and want it. For example, when I think about how long it will be before I can have sugar again, I get panicky,think of Jesus, and He absolutely gives me the grace to just handle today, coz it's all I have.

So, I find those observations VERY interesting. Also, I added in a little more Lenten penance and that is walking on the treadmill. I only do about 30 min. Listening to Muse, in particular, helps alot. I walk while the kids play Guitar Hero 3, so that I can watch them have fun and kinda forget what I am doing. I LOATHE exercise. I wasn't always this way. When I was in my 20's I used to bike 10-15 miles per day and I swam alot (I grew up in Palm Beach county, Florida). I think parenting Ben, in particular, just made me want to lie down and sleep instead of get up and going. Mixed in with that was depression over his issues and mental exhaustion from dealing with them.

However, this being Lent. I figure why not do something I loathe as a sacrifice for Christ. hopefully, through my dying to self, he can resurrect something good in me, by the time we all celebrate His resurrection.



Leonie said...

Wow, Rachel - you are doing fantasic, with the giving up of augar and starting the walking, too. I like how these are tied in with your Lenten journey - very inspirational.

Rachel said...

Thanks...though of course the credit doesn't belong to me. I have a SPLITTING headache right now. I ate a good dinner, so I know this is sugar withdrawal. I thought it was just hunger because today was a light day until dinner. However, dinner had no impact on the headache. WAH! :-(
I have to go find some Tylenol.
Then I am going to watch last night's LOST on Tivo.

Cindy said...

I enjoyed your reflections, Rachel. How you are 'clinging'-- that is huge.

Thinking of you..

What part of PBC did you grow up in? My mil is in Jupiter and we love visiting there. It really is an outdoorsy place.. beautiful.


Rachel said...

West Palm Beach & Boynton Beach are the cities I grew up in. We moved to WPB from New York when I was 8. I went to private high school in Palm Beach (over the bridge from West Palm). I also modeled in Miami...and spent a lot of time in St. Augustine too. Though I understand the appeal of Florida (and Jupiter is pretty), I lived there for 20 years, and am quite happy to never be in constant heat, flat terrain, humidity, hurricanes and palm trees again. I do miss the ocean. But I really love the ocean up north on Long Island, where I am from, more than Floridian beaches.

Oh, and I'm clinging by a thread...yet
still clinging nonetheless!

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