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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Journey

Six years ago. Health problems and depression. And I gained weight.

I went from thin to obese.

I was a chubby child ( and my mother had me on constant diets), an anorexic teen, an always dieting, always working out young mum, then an overweight and finally depressed obese person.

I got help for my depression. And for my health.

Over the last six years, I have worked on healthy eating ( again) and have come to love working out ~ again.

So, here I am today ~ a work in progress. Still chubby but not as ,well , fat, as I was. I've lost well over 30 kg - well over 66 lbs.

Cindy asked us to share our fitness journeys. This is mine in a in a nutshell.

I feel very brave sharing these pics . I forgot how it used to be. I feel sad that I am no longer the thin person I was. But happy I am no longer obese. Yet I live in fear, every day, of going back there. Of getting fat and depressed.

It's a mind thing, as well as a physical journey.


Cindy said...

Hi Leonie-

I just commented on your main blog, but I am sending you cyber
HUGS for sharing!

You are such a joy and encouragment to others. yes, this is a journey. You have come so far. It is about loving ourselves and caring for the body God gave us, and caring for our souls, too.
much love,

Cindy said...

You have inspired me to post my pictures.. looking for my one when I was heavier.

Leonie said...

I feel like I have survived, am still surviving, eating disorders - first anorexia then obsessions then eating away feelings. Probably be at this journey for life!

Love to see your pics - you are such an encourager and a good friend!

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