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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fitness by Genotype

I thought I'd share these ideas from a newsletter I received, based on The Genotype Diet. The idea Dr. D'Adamo has is that different types of people are better suited to different types of exercise, and this list gives each type of few ideas to try.

Set a Fitness Goal

If incorporating exercise into your life is a tricky challenge, perhaps you need a little push. Try these physical activity goals for one week to see if they help you get moving.

Hunter: As a Hunter, you require intense daily activity to maintain your top level of fitness and health. For your goal, dedicate about 45 minutes a day to vigorous walking. When you feel that famous Hunter energy burst kick in, step it up to a run. Just keep the pace brisk so you don't lose interest.

Gatherer: A good fitness goal for a Gatherer is to alternate hatha yoga with aerobics every day for six days. Get DVDs or find classes at your health club. And take one day off for rest to avoid burnout.

Teacher: Teachers can keep their metabolism in balance by participating in 40 minutes of activity at least four to five days a week. Aim to balance tai chi workouts with alternating days of resistance training this week to see how you feel — you'll probably have tons of energy for your two days off!

Explorer: Alternate days of Pilates and aerobics classes for four to five days this week. Be sure you sweat out the toxins for an effective workout. This goal will keep you fit and cleansed — see for yourself!

Warrior: Warm up to a fitness routine with four days of stretching and strengthening exercises this week, Warrior. Try 30 to 40 minutes of hatha yoga on two days, and light resistance training on the other two.

Nomad: On three days this week, take a vigorous walk. Once you have that down, boost your efforts by carrying 2-pound weights along with you on two additional walks. If this goal seems too easy, next week boost your weight level to 3 to 5 pounds, according to your fitness level.


Leonie said...

Maybe I am a hunte? I like doing intense workouts nearly every day!

Cindy said...

Interesting, Marie! Do you see yourself as one of these?

Marie said...

Well, based on the other factors of how you figure your type out I learned I am a Gatherer. I don't know if yoga and aerobics appeal to me or not...

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