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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The 42 Day Challenge

"Over Christmas? Are you crazy?"
~ my 15 year old son

"Anytime is the right time for health!"
~ me, (with my MOM-answer)

Yup, I am starting the challenge now. Of course I will have a Christmas cookie and a treat here and there. But I realized I have lost that 'connection' of food to mouth and mind and body. So that is one of my goals.

I am really getting back to basics. A few months ago I got serious about getting in shape as I decided I was really about 40 pounds overweight. I had a picture taken of me and realized I didn't recognize myself. Ugh. I got on a scheduel with a buddy and we really worked hard. I lost about 25, then went into maintenance, mostly because the schedule was pretty rigourous. But then maintenance turned into major-lapse and my old habits came back. So I am back up several pounds. I am not going to weigh. I think that would not be productive at this point. But I want some measurable goals.

So, they are really a lot of what I did before. But this time I am going to also focus on the connections part. Really think about what I eat, how I feel, focus on health and energy. Let weight loss be a by-product.

But here are my goals:

Eat on a plan I made up. It is about 1400 cal a day. Structured, but has options. So I can keep good food in the house and have options I like.

Workout schedule- Aerobics 6X week, Pilates 2 X week, Weights 3X week.
I have my Y schedule and will put it on my planner daily. I want to burn 550 cal a day.

Vitamins, essential oils, water.

Prayer and meditation

Focus on how I feel, health, when I see myself straying and coming up with solutinos (this is the hard part for me)

Ok! Those are my goals! Wish me luck!

Join me if you like! (with your own goals or share some of mine:) )


Leonie said...

I'm really interested in your eating plan - care to share? :-)

Leonie said...

Cindy, I am interested in joining the challenge - will try to post my own goals this weekend!

Cindy said...

Hi Leonie and anyone else still here.. ;)

Yes, I sent you my eating plan and am happy to share.
Really it is just like WW-- just eating healthy and portion conttrol.

I know some people don't care for a 'plan' or structure. I don't think I have ever followed it perfectly, but it helped me with the portion control. I would get REAL hungry and just snack my way through the kitchen as I preapred my meal... so got tons of calories. I think snacking is BY FAR my biggest challenge.

This helped me because I would get hungry, then SEE a couple of choices, with the portions, know I had the food in teh house, prepare it and eat like a sane person and stop.

But I have never done it perfectly.

I can't wait to see your goals! Also in mine are to shake up my workouts again and really challenge myself.

I was still working out but had gotten complacent and I do better when I push myself.. which reminds me I have been wanting to comment on Julie's post about walking... I felt the same!

So, I am trying some new things, and again makeing sure my workouts are on my calandar. I want to have DOMS again 2-3 times a week... that really felt good when I knew I was making progress and not just getting by.

Julie and others, do you have some goals you want to join us in for 42 days? Can be anything.. positive thinking, trying some new exercise, eating habits....

I jumped into a lot at once because I have done this before and just fallen off the wagon a bit. But I like it here on the wagon again!

Rachel May said...

I keep joking that I am "one stomach virus away from my goal weight" (Devil Wears Prada) and now I have a stomach virus. Ugh.

Still, before it kicked in, I too had been thinking of making a preChristmas goal. Why carry bad habits and gain weight at Christmas just to lose it again? My usual Christmas goal is to not gain weight or try to lose it, but this year it is to be gentle on my stomach so I don't get sicker. I'd rather lose weight the healthy way.

I'm rooting for you guys though!

Julie said...
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Julie said...

I'm here...but not here...keeping up with the postings...transient quick peaks...travelling interstate over the next three weeks- which we have planned to do lots and lots of walking and tourist ventures

God bless! And have a wonderful, blessed, self-disciplining yet balanced holiday surrounded by love and joy!

Julie said...

I have packed my Tae Bo workout!

Julie said...

Cindy...Could you share the eating plan with me as well...this break we are taking is all about 'renewal'...Thank for sharing this stuff!

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