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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

January Challenge--Rachel May's PLAN

Thanks, Cindy for the kick that I needed to get going again!

This is my goal for January. PLAN to exercise and then execute the plan.

So, on Saturday when Bill and I plan our menu for the week, I will also plan 3 30-min exercise sessions, on the stationary bike, at the pool or outside for a ....ahem....jog.

I was going to use the Runner's World Race Finder to plan to run a 5K, but I think I'll save that for February's challenge.

I will also PLAN to get all my water in each day. My plan is to drink at least 24oz by lunchtime, and 2 more 24 oz cups by bedtime. When I do that, my little nursling is a very happy camper.

It doesn't sound like an ambitious plan, but it feels like one at the moment.


Leonie said...

Nice plan - planning and executing regular realistic workouts, drinking more water. I need more water and less alcohol over this holiday period! lol!

Cindy said...

This plan sounds great, Rachel!

Yes, water is so important. Have you been able to do it before or is this a new goal? I find if I do my (big, long sweaty) workouts- lol- I have no problem drinking the water. But if I don't exercise a lot I find I am not thirsty. If I take the time to cut up lemon and add it, then I find I crave the water. But do I cut up the lemon? no...

Anyway, getting in that water-drinking habit is big, and I bet your little one does appreciate it.

You already like swimming, right? Is jogging new for you? Do you have a buddy to run the 5K with you? They are fun to walk, too.

Ok... great plan can't wait for your feedback!

Rachel May said...

I've done better with drinking all my water before, but the holiday alcohol has gotten to me too. Plus, the cold weather doesn't make me feel thirsty so that works against me.

Jogging is new... because it isn't running. I've lost so much ground since the fall when I was running several times a week that I'm having to start over.

I do love to swim and run and we have a recumbent stationary bike here in the house so I think these are good choices for getting me started. :)

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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