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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Anyone going to join me??

Do I have any takers on the 42 day challenge? It is down to 35 days now.. lol

How about after Christmas.. or start on Jan 1 and have it be a 25 day challenge! :)

I feel so lonely...... lol


Rachel May said...

I got up and rode the bike today! Unfortunately it triggered my stomach ailment that I thought was gone. :( As soon as I'm well, I'm with you, sistuh!

Leonie said...

I'm still thinking of a challenge ( details) and trying to find time to post! lol! Maybe I'll do a late December/January challenge with you - join in halfway....

Niamh said...

I know, I know, long time no write, but....I'm in! :-) LOVE that you are doing it at Christmas time! Good for you, Cindy!

Willa said...

I'll join you! I actually resolved a couple of days ago to make a better Christmas by not overloading on carbs ;-). And I'd like to keep a bit more active during the holidays than I usually do, too.

Julie said...

I'm on holiday in the tropics...Northern Queensland in Cairns...it's like a sauna up here...I've honestly never sweated so much in my life...I never sweat! We are basically doing 2km walking tracks through the rainforest on a daily basis and touristy walks....it's great because I'm doing all this exercise and not even noticing it...won't be able to do the food challenge because eating here is haphazard...actually...I'm not very hungry at all...must be the heat!
Will be here till the 9th...try to touch base when I get back....Challenge on!

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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