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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

January Challenge- Cindy's plan

Ok.. here is my revised plan:

  • Drink water. See how much I drink with my workout and make sure I get enough the rest of the day to make 64 oz.
  • Sneaky exercise: Be more active. Walk the dogs, park far from the store, on days I feel fat and lazy (or on my cycle) move MORE, not less.
  • Use my 1400 cal/day diet as a backdrop or default. Vary it, have a treat now and then, but have that as healthy options so I don't eat junk. Keep healthy food in the house and in sight. (and hide the chips!)
  • Don't eat junk. When I am tired or stressed, have presense of mind.
  • When I get down, use my affirmations and turn to prayer and thanksgiving- laugh daily.
  • Push my workouts. Try new things. Cardio, weights and pilates. See how strong I can get!


Rachel May said...

Great Cindy! You aren't pushing too hard and it seems completely doable. You are more ambitious than I am, and I'm tempted to revise, but I'm going to see how my plan goes for a bit first.:)

Cindy said...

Thanks, Rachel. It is amazing how much a kind work can rev you up! Thanks for the kind word! :)

Just take it a bit at a time. I have been laying groudwork for months.. so am ready to add more. Part of my goals are just getting back to what I was doing a couple of months ago before my backslide... lol

Leonie said...

Woo hoo! You go with those affirmations - they really help me!! Now its just my eating that I need to work on - eating mindfully not because its there...

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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