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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Awesome workout!

Ok.. I had the most incredible workout yesterday! And it also opened me to new horizons. I think that may be the most important thing.

I work out at theY as you all know. I do classes and the women's weight center. Also do the cardio room which is a big room full of all ages and lots of cadio machines.

Well, they also have a big weight room which I avoid. I alaways thought of it as the big hulky guys.. and felt intimiated to go in there.

Well, Lisa, who is an awesome aerobics instractor, sweet as can be and a friend now, was hanging in there working out and clowing around with friends. I snuck in to do some abs, and tried to make myself invisable. Well, she was hving such fun, I went over to try some machines near her. Soon she introduced me to psople and asked if I watned to join them for a circuit train on Friday. She said it will be HARD, but that is good!

(She cracks me up, because when we are in class doing something REALLY hard, she will look up, grin, and say "Life is good!" She is right!

I agreed to come.

So, yesterday morning at 6:30 am we all met.
She had devised a circuit train. 3 stations per block. We all rotate each station for a full minute at max effort. Them move to the next station. After we all finish the block, we rest a bit then do another block.

It was HARD stuff! We worked out for 1 hour and 20 minutes! There were four of us, one guy this rock hard body cop- nicest guy in the world and the three of them would trade jabs and trash talk... but they were all sweet to me as I was new.

It was so much fun! Just comraderie and helping each other max out and achieve.. and laugh and work hard. It opened up a whole new world (why was I afraid of the weight room) and also that you can have FUN while you work out... and that you can form friendships around working out and being healthy.

And.. I am so sore today.. truly in mucslesI have never worked before. Can't wait till our next circut train!

And I encourage everyone.. open your horizons, do something new, make working out fun, find a friend.. laugh! Life IS good!


Rachel May said...

Awesome, Cindy! I admit, I definitely hide when I workout. In fact, my friend and I do side by side treadmills in her garage so we can avoid the gym. You are an inspiration.

Leonie said...

Wow, I love circuits - you are really going strong!

Julie said...

Congratulations on the circuit workout! I've looked on at them at the gym but wobbled at the knees about ever trying to even keep up with one!

Cindy said...

This circut was fun.. with fun people. So that made it easier. Yes, Rachel, I have had to sometimes just pretend I didn't care and jump in then realized it was no big deal. Most people are thinking about their own workouts anyway and not checking out others (unless you are in a meat market gym!)

But your workout with your friend sounds fun. I love to have quiet workouts, too... and not deal with the people and etc.

Julie, give it a try! Bet you would love something new...

Ar eyou still walking?

Julie said...

Hi Cindy!
Just got back from a dream holiday in the tropical far north of Australia and an area called the
Sunshine Coast...the benefit of being a 'tourist' is the amount of walking that gets done...and yes...I have been active for the whole period...this last week I purposely walked up and down a 30 or so minute boardwalk everyday and I tried doing 20 stomach crunches a day...my tummy has definitely trimmed...perhaps only mm but I'm feeling great...and I just walked another 30 mins down a boardwalk at our local beach with my daughter...definetly want to keep this in....have a lot of reading to catch up on with the updates and will make my commitment within the next couple of days!

Leonie said...

Woo hoo! Julie - welcome back!

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