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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

January Challenge!

Ok, ya'll.. let's go for January!

So far I hear the following girls are in:

Rachel May (when her stomach calms down!) :0 -- HOPE you feel better soon!!
Julie (when she gets back Jan 10)

Did I miss anyone? Anyone else want to join in?

Ok, let's start fresh for the new year!

Here are the rules:
Create a new post with your goals. They can be whatever you want them to be.... small, huge, in between. They always say to make specific goals, but if something like 'being mindful' works for you, the do it. Honestly I think this is all about habits. So if you just want to pick one habit and work on it, that is great, too.

I would love to have everyone make a seperate post with their own goals so it is easy to go back and find. That way we can READ it and HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE... lol, of course in a nice way. But what is better than your girlfriends cheering you on and helping you when you fall?

Should we make this for the month of January, then hope it sticks? So think of goals that you think you can do for a month.

My 42 day challenge is going great IF I add belgium chocolate and sugar cookies to my 'diet'. I am going to try and stick with that healthy eating but give myself allowances.. need to think of how much I want to hold myself to for the month.

Ok... hope you all will post! It can be about exercise, eating, affirmations, positive thinking, taking vitamins, drinking water, just being more active....
anything you want to work on and would like us to help you with. Even if helping just means knowing that we will look in and cheer you on!

Leonie posted here (feel free to edit, Leonie if you want) and I will post mine again I am scraping my 42 day challenge (I'm FREE!) and will start up with you all on Jan 1.

Looking forward to it..starting off the new year on a healthy note. :)


Willa said...

Oh, Cindy, thanks for your encouragement! I'd like to put "exercise" on my list of goals but I'm very scared that it will spell defeat from the start. You and Leonie are great examples, but I can't seem to get over my dread of working up a sweat.... sigh. Maybe I'll try to sneak in through the side door, with something like, "walk extra flights of stairs".

Cindy said...

That is perfect. Do you know that they say the most important thing is to just add activity to your life? You have probably read this before. But they say just creating the mindset to be active,take the stairs, as you said, or get up and walk briskly to the mailbox instead of trudging (like me)

I laugh at myself when I go to the YMCA to workout because I will look for the closest parking spot!

I also think of people who live in beautiful country (like you!)- that I have seen in movies, etc and they live an active life without ever 'exercising' on purpose. It hink of my grandparents who lived on a farm or scaled down farm their whole lives, never exercised and lived well into their 80s.

I find my challnege is when I feel sluggish, to act sluggish. That might be a goal of mine- the more sluggish I feel, the more to move and picture myself as an active lively person and not a well, a slug!

Great goal. Do you like hiking in your beautiful Sierras? Or just leirusrly walks?

Rachel May said...

I'm feeling a little too well, as in I'm eating everything in sight, so I'm very excited for the challenge.

Willa, I truly had to learn to sweat, to be sweaty, to be ok with being sweaty. I started about 15 years ago, but I am not all the way there yet. There are still some days that I exercise, but I can feel that I am holding back because I know my "dew point" ;) and don't want to cross it. I will say, though, that most of the time I find being comfortable with sweating is much more freeing than I anticipated. Good luck!

Leonie said...

Thanks, Cindy - very inspiring and am gonna make thst January challenge stick!

Willa, I think incidental exercsie is very important so like your sneaky exercise goals, too.

Willa said...

I put my goals over here. Thanks so much for being so encouraging, Cindy and Rachel and Leonie!

Elena said...

I'm in. I'm planning to blog about it tomorrow, but basically I have a big birthday coming up. (shudder!!!) and I want to drop a significant amount of weight before then. So I'll post on that tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration gals!

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