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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

But, is there time?

I was just reading Willa's post with her goals and saw the part about the exercise cutting into her Geo Challenge and/or curriculum time...

Great point. So, how do you all fit in the exercise? The sneaky and the planned? Would love to hear.

This reminded me of a conversation I had with Stephen (18) and Bryan (15) today. It was annoucned that Stephen was going to try and survive on a hour less of sleep. He is a night owl but we determined he really only sleeps about 9 hours a night, even though sometimes he sleeps REAALLL late.

We were talking about how to find more time in the day. I told him I gave up blogs for a while... Had to when things got hectic. He could not think of anything he does that 'wastes' time.

Well, I happen to see how he eats. Slow. The boys both usually read or listen to CDs or audio books while eating. It can take Stephen 45 minutes to eat a sandwich.

So, I suggested, in a nice motherly tone, that maybe he spend less time eating.

He replied, "But that is my READING time!"


So, this related to Willa becuase I took a long-overdue peek at more of her blog. (I miss reading it Willa). And I remembered, what a terrific writer she is. And thought, no, I don't want exercise to take away from her writing time. I can just see her in the mountains of the Sierras writing and thinking and sipping coffee (or water... lol)

Willa.. ok.. how about when you hike, can you take your lap top? Or dictate to a machine? Maybe this is about multi tasking!

Sorry, I am a bit nuts-- long dog sitting day. And the day started with this KILLER workout at the Y with two gym buddies, who, by the way, I hope will join our blog. I told them (Lisa and Lynette) about the January Challenge and they were psyched!

So... repeat question:
How to you fit in your exercise in your already busy and important life??


Willa said...

LOL.... I have an exercise bike and I could read while cycling. I do have some problems multi-tasking, though. I can hardly even talk on the phone and chop onions at the same time. Still, maybe it's worth trying!

Leonie said...

I don't know, I just think the workout is so importnat that I just schedule it in. I don't see it as taking time from anywhere else but just an imporntant thing that I have to get to every day...But I do have things simplified when it comes to housework and laundry and cooking so I guess I save time there for other things, like workouts and reading...And I am known as an Energizer bunny! lol! But I think its the workouts that give me more energy so I seem to need less down time, seem to get more done and need less sleep.

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