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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hey Fellow Leaners but not Meaners!!

I have been awol, just checking in, but wanted to say hi! I hope to read more regularly and catch up. From what I see, looks like Julie and Leonie have been mostly holding down the fort. Good going, girls!

I have had a rough fall, and unfortunaltely hit has transferred to poundage UP and strength DOWN.

But that is ok, that is life. And I am full of resolve and have myself on a 42 day campaign to bring back some discipline in my life. I am so excited!

More on that later.. but I wanted to share something I discovered today. This is the little stuff, that adds the pounds back. Little things like this...
Ok, I had a great workout this morning and brought back out my heartrate monitor and watch to track my calorie burn. At the end of my workout came on this song I LOVE: Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen. Who can't jam to that? So I counted how many cals I burn in that 4min `14 second song.

30 calories.

Then I realized that those 3 handfuls of Peanut M&Ms I ate last night (which took about 6 seconds to scarf) probably were somewhat more thatn that hard workout song.

I researched and found out that EACH peanut M&M is 10 cal! So for that hard working, jammin' Born to Run for over 4 minutes... it was wiped out by 3 of those M&Ms! (And I had WAY more than three!)

Where have a gone astray? Not thinking. Not wanted to care for my body. Forgetting that my body is made up of cells (love your fat cell graphics, Julie) and I feed them with whatever goes in my mouth.

The goals in not SKNNY. The goal is healthy and building my body from the inside out.

I miss the way I felt about 3 months ago, when I was stronger, and leaner.. had energy. And my clothes fit so well so life was simple.

But now I am motivated. I have my challenge. Will post it next. Anyone want to join me? Do a 42 day challenge with your own goals?

Missed you all and so glad to be back!


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Leonie said...

Wow. 10 calories in a peanut M&M. Makes me feel sick...cos I love them! And I love motivating songs when working out, too...

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