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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

5 Things to Eat

Diane, my pt instructor (who loves to torture us every week), was trying to take our minds off our squats Monday. She had read a new article about the five best foods for women. She made us guess what they were between plunges to the floor, our weights held on our shoulders.

After a bunch a mis-guesses, we got the scoop. The top five:
(oh.. I forgot! I will post number 5 when I remember)

We were so glad tofu was not on the list! lol

So, when I went to the grocery that day, I got some beans, tuna and dried cranberries. I had walnuts at home. I tried a new combo, a small bowl of walnuts and dried cranberries. Awesome, and my 16yos liked them too.

Funny how good habits can rub off....

Of course Diane also enforced with us that a serving of walnuts is 10-12 pieces... not the whole bag.

Shoot. There is always a catch. :0


Leonie said...

Oh, I love beans - and I love nuts, too! But its so hard to eat just a small portion of nuts, isn't it?

Cindy said...

Yes! I love to eat nuts by the handful. We have these delicious nuts in teh hosue right now.. honey roasted peanuts.. I am sure they are not that good for me, but boy are they good!

Leonie said...

Sound yummy! lol!

Rachel May said...

These are all foods I love too. Do soy nuts count I wonder? I like them better than regular nuts although I LOVE peanut butter.

Leonie said...

I like peanut butter every now and then, for lunch or breakfast, on soy and linseed bread...mm....

K said...

Almonds, dried cranberries, and peanut butter are a staple for me right now! This has replaced my previous staple of REFINED SUGAR! They are wonderful and I've dropped about 10 pounds this Lent by dropping the sugar, the red meat, pork, and all drinks except water. Oh, and I am very rarely hungry!

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