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Monday, April 23, 2007

New workouts and new eating...

Since Easter I have been eating a lot of rubbish- really! Leftover "treats" from Easter .

And succumbing to stress related eating. :(

I gave myself a good talking to on Thursday. Didn't help.

But something helped on the weekend.

What? Prayer.

And, well, I decided to plan my eating , to think ahead, to give myself healthy options, to be well prepared.

Working okay for now.

I have been really into my Turbo Jam workouts these last two weeks. A mix of dnace and kickboxing with some great music and a whole lot of fun. The cardio is interval training with one or more "turbos" - a short blast where you get your heart rate really high.

The strength has some traditional moves and some functional fitness - and some grooving to the music. lol!

I managed to buy another Turbo Jam workout on ebay. So, I only need three more workouts in order to compete my set. I'll keep checking ebay now and then...

I also purchased Hip Hop Abs on ebay and am waiting its arrival. The Beachbody company produces both Turbo Jam and HHA ( and other programmes). Hip Hop Abs looks like fun ( hey ,Maria - dance!) - cardio, sculpting and what look to be effective standing ab routines. I've heard that the workouts are not very hard so would probably make good add on workouts. Or I can combine several workouts from the set.

And that is my check in!


Rachel May said...

I hear you on the Easter eating, Leonie. I'm the same way, and was thinking of inviting everyone to do a food journal week next week just to see if we think it helps. I'm wanting to do it only about once a month to keep me on track without making me obsessive.

Was it any special prayer or just the act of praying? The power of prayer always amazes me.

Leonie said...

I have a morning list of prayers to St Anthony of Padua and tucked my intentions into one of those...

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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