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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wanna Burn More Calories, Free of Charge?

My fav aerobic/PT instructor gave me a tip. She said for every pound of muscle you have, you burn 50 more calories. (I am guessing per day?) So, she goes on, who would NOT want to strength train!?

She has a point. I loved how I felt when I was doing PT twice a week. Then I fell off the wagon for a while and am now getting back on. It is hard, as I lost ground, but I think I am turning a corner. I just feel better, more coordinated, strong and clothes fittting better is icing on the cake.

I love challenging myself when I strength train. I have not found a way to do it without Diane, yet, though I bet I could think of something if I didn't have her. Maybe videos, weight machines, etc.


Leonie said...

I love working out on resistance training - bands, body weight calisthenics or weights. The FIRM and Jari Love strength training video workouts are good and often challenging - Jari Love's workouts are similar to Body Pump classes.

Billy Blanks resistance workouts with the bands are low weight high rep but they are killers - you do get DOMS and see nice definition...

Leonie said...

And congrats for you on gaining ground! :-0

Cindy said...

Thanks... :)

Rachel May said...

What a great reminder that losing weight doesn't mean much if you are losing muscle! Good job getting back at it Cindy!

Now that my weight is off, I'd like to focus on maintaining my weight while building tone. Bill says that the low weight, hi rep builds tone and definition, but is that the same as strength training or is strength training something different?

Leonie said...

Rachel, they both class as strenth training - just different methods ( and obviously this affects results).

I've heard the best is to vary training - maybe three months of high rep low weight and then another period of time with more weight/less reps?

But my internet fitness forum friends also ay - YMMV - your mileage may vary. Some epople enjoy one form of training more than another and/or enjoy the results from one form of trainin. In which case, they stick to that.

Others I know do pilates or power yoga as their resistance training..

Cindy said...

Hi Rachel- Thanks for the encouraging words and congrats on your weight loss.

What I seem to hear more and more is to use the heaviest weight you can. That would mean that with correct form, you would use a weight that you could do 10-15 reps.

If 10-15 reps are easy easy, then you need more weight.

If you can't make 10-15 reps then you need a lighter weight.

If you can do 10-15 reps, and feel you muscle tiring, you are just right.

I started my workouts with 5 pound weights, and now am using 8 pound ones. I will switch back if it is a choreographed routine that is fast. You don't want to swing, or lose control as that can cause injury. That is how I injured myself a few weeks ago.

I also hear it is a myth that women will 'bulk up' with too much weight. The kind of weight we are talking about will not do that.

TMI??? lol

Hope this helps!

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