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Tuesday, April 3, 2007


The broken pool pump is forcing me to transition from my winter workout to my summer one. But really, with this sort of view, do I have an excuse not to run? Actually, yesterday I tried our new exercise bike,and I really enjoyed it. The bike is gentle on my joints (I can feel that birthday appoaching!), but I think I'll try to save it for when the weather is unbearable. In a few weeks there is a 5K road race the boys and I could do without too much trouble if I would start to run more often.
I'm also transitioning with my weight loss. The 15 pounds are gone; I didn't regain any after my stomach flu a month ago kicked the last 5 pounds. :) But soon the baby will wean so I need to keep focussed on healthy choices and lots of water. And with the weight loss behind me, I can see that I need to tone some areas. I'm really looking forward to my Taebo DVD (was it called "Billy Blanks Kicks Your Backside"?--well something similar) to work on those spots. I have this dress I want to wear to Bill's graduation.... Looks like a new goal!


Cindy said...

You are doing great, Rachel!
thanks for the update and let us know how the new plans go.

Leonie said...

The exercise bike and runs sound like fun - what a great view!

Congrats again on all the weight loss - are you still doing WW for maintenance?

And what a super goal - a nice dress to wear. :-)

( BTW, love the title of the Billly Blanks DVD - perhaps we can suggest it to Mr Blanks! lol!)

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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