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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Inner Strength

Today I took the kids on a muddy 1.5 mile walk (it took 1 1/2 hours) to see the Virginia bluebells at Bull Run...and I wore my pink hat. We did a lot of walking this week while my sister's family visited. At Mount Vernon, at the Jefferson Memorial, in and out of the Fort Hunt bunkers, I wore the pink hat and carried the 20 lb. baby in a backpack or pushed a double stroller or both.

Bill calls my pink hat my mojo because I wear it to make myself feel strong. I have a friend who tatooed a small dragon on her hipbone to do the same thing, but I need something external to pump me up. Bright pink, like a cherry blossom in a good year, with a Nike logo which is so so swooshy (swooshie?) it makes me feel tough and girlie, sort of like that ad from What Women Want. When I have the hat on, I'm "No games. Just sports." When I have the hat on, I want to do great things. When I have the hat on, I don't want to walk; I want to run.

My pink hat is not my first mojo...which brings me back to the bluebells. The original mojo was a shirt which said, "How can there be too many children? That's like saying there are too many flowers."
I couldn't agree more Mother Theresa.

Do you guys have a mojo?

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Leonie said...

Wow, you sound strong, Rachel!

I don't know if I have a mojo or not. But I do feel powerful and just more active in my workout clothes - and I have a camo baseball type of cap that makes me feel like Chalene Johnson ( Turbo Jam lady)! lol!

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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