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Monday, April 9, 2007


Yesterday, I fired up the DVD player while Bill was cooking a delicious Easter dinner. I'm pretty uncoordinated and trying to do a preview workout with a 2-, 4-, and 6-year-old did complicate things. My living room is not big. 12.5 minutes was all I had and it was great. I could tell this is a workout to really get me moving even though I have a tough time following the dance-type footwork when you are marking time between exercises. I was already sore running up and downstairs last night. I love the burn!
Today I put in a little over 19 min which was enough for me to see that the next part of the workout repeats the same moves but with resistence bands. I like that repetition so I can concentrate on doing the moves correctly and up to speed. Today since I could really give it my all I broke a sweat and was sucking air. I liked the workout although during the "stretching" I had some wistful thoughts of my old yoga class--moving slowly at your own pace. Yoga is a different challenge, though, and not a bad idea for tomorrow.


Leonie said...

I haven't done this workout - from what I've heard its a bit of cardio and then lower body work. Sounds very good - and good for you on working out!

The yoga sounds relaxing, too.

My Easter Sunday workout was Turbo Jam - Cardio Party 2. I doubled up on the turbo and sang along to the songs! lol! A Happy Easter workout.

Wishing all my fitness friends a super blessed Easter season...

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

My Easter Sunday workout was getting the kids ready for Mass and picking up all the candy trash! LOL!

Seriously, if you're burning and sucking air, Rachel, I'd be worried for me...

I saw that there's a new Dancing with the Stars cardio - while I don't watch the shows, I would love to learn how to ballroom dance for my workout. Dh has said he'll even take ballroom dancing lessons with me when the kids are older....wouldn't that be fun!?

Rachel May said...

Maria, I was a little nervous about trying this because I see Leonie as being superfit compared to me and she sings along with the workouts (!), but I figured I can stop when I want to. And it was really fun. I'm glad you've been plugging the "Boot Camps", Leonie.

Leonie said...

Rachel - I'm glad you liked it - and, Maria, sometimes a bit breathless is okay. It works as an aerobic/anerobic drill - very good for increasing aerobic fitness
( and for burning fat! lol!).Or so I've been told many times. :-)

I'm not super fit - prob just high intermediate/low advanced....But loving it! lol!

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