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Friday, April 27, 2007

Food Journal

I've decided to do a one week food journal this week starting Sat. Does anyone want to join me? I'm not thinking of posting everything I eat, but I can see my downward slide with healthy choices and it's effects on my body.

I'm gaining weight (2lbs so far) and crashing at night because there have been too many carbs in my diet, not enough water, sporadic exercise, forgetting to take my multivitamin etc. Yesterday, I hit a big time low; I ate a dozen cookies. I woke up this morning with a carb headache and feeling queasy. Since I know I can't be pregnant yet, I gave myself a stern lecture about food and my body. I tend toward hypoglycemia and when I eat this way, I can't see in the afternoons because my blood sugars effect my vision. Something's got to give!

I don't want to be all obsessive, just get back on track. This morning we made a healthful weekly menu, Bill's off at the commissary buying yummy nutricious food for us. And starting Sat I'm going to write down everything I eat, portion sizes included. I'd like to do food journaling at least once a month just as a focus point. And Leonie has a good point that prayer needs to be a part of this too so I'm going to get back to saying the Breastplate of St. Patrick at breakfast which is my current favorite prayer to start the day.


Leonie said...

I think your plan sounds ood. Shall we post some food journal samples?

Rachel May said...

Yes! I love to know what other people are eating to get new ideas and see how they balance their meals.

Already today I've lost my journal twice, LOL! However, I am recreating it and writing down ALL the food I'm eating. I can already feel an interior change in my attitude about what goes in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

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