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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Feeling Fat.

I just posted some thoughts on my blog. I'm going through a "feeling fat" stage. I'm trying to fight these feelings, I'm trying not to pass self image problems onto my children. And I needed to write out my thoughts, to help me deal with them

Anyone else suffer these "fat feelings"? How do you overcome them?


Leonie said...

Well, I figured out that part of those "fat feelings" were to do with hormones and PMT....BUT my weight is all over the place - last week I lost a kg, this week it looks like I've put on 2kg! What the #$%^?

Rachel said...

Oh Leonie! Don't hormones and being PM goof with your weight? I know they do for me. They also change my eating habits and cravings.

I find that my unhappiest "fat days" are actually unrelated to weight. Most frequently they are related to my needing to have my eyebrows waxed. Isn't that funny? But for me having my face in order changes my whole outlook, probably because I see my face the most.

You look so good and healthy. I hope this phase passes quickly!

Cindy said...

You always come up with something that makes me smile! Yes, you are so righta bout the eyebrow wax... lol.. I guess when we feel fuzzy we feel fat!

I am fair so you can't see my blonde eyebrows much, but when you look close they get wild, like old Uncle Ernie's and look like straw going crazy. I do feel so much better when I get them done (every other month but should do it probably more)

I find myself tilting my head back and smiling and people.... they must think I'm crazy, especially the clerk at the grocery store... :)

Eating and hormones has a lot to do with it for me. If I eat 'bad' (as in food that is not good for my body-- processed, white flour, sugar, etc) I just feel draggy and thick.

The best cure I find (when I am thinking co herently and not eating ice cream to make me
feel better...lol) is to drink lots of water. We all read about how great it is, but I can stop and really start thinking about the physicology of the body and what water does..

We have this blood supply that must carry oxegyn to every bit of us and get rid of toxins.. and without water it is stuck... and then sweating, etc. I love a workout with a good heavy sweat, then drink lots of water.. I feel it is for my body kind of like when I get the oil changed on my car!

Hope you feel better soon, Leonie!

Leonie said...

Thanks guys - doing good long Taebo workouts the last two days has helped - made me feel fit and happy.

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