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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Firm Body Sculpt

I tried a video for some strength training and really liked it! It only took 45 min but I am really sore today.

They suggest you use their 'fanny lifter' which is a two part stool, but I just used my step stool. There are some good reviews of this on the Amazon link below. I didn't think it was doing much, but I was tired and like I said.. sore today!

Our library had it--- worth checking out!

I am going to see if they have a good one for abs...

Body Sculpt


Leonie said...

I like Body Sculpt - lots of lower body work and you can split it into 2 workouts, upper and lower body work if you want. The ab one in this series is okay but not super challenging. I like the Cardio Sculpt in this set - cardio and weights and abs...

Rachel May said...

I like the sound of it not seeming like much but being able to feel it the next day. I can get discouraged if I get very fatigued in the middle of a workout. Something I have to work through obviously! :)

Leonie said...

Some workouts have a high dread factor for me - I know i'm gonna feel great when i finish them but I also know they will be tough so i have to coerce myself into starting the workout in the first place....

Cindy said...

Thanks leonie I found the cardio sculpt at my libaray and ordered it.

The best part of most workouts are the shower after! lol imo!

A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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