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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Goal Check In

Hi all-

I thought I would post on how I am coming with my goals...

You may remember that my long distance friend in VA and I are doing this together? We started in mid-July. She has a personal trainer, and I have copied her plan bascially (well with some alterations..) and we keep track together. That part has been fun as we email each other at least once a day and it has rekindled our friendship!
Gosh, I kind of hope this lasts longer as it has been fun connecting with her and dicussing our successes, failures, ideas, etc.

(We knew each other 10 years ago in Ohio, and she moved to VA just before I moved to TX)

What got her started was her oldest son's wedding Oct 6. Her weight had been creeping up over the years (like mine did) so she set getting back in shape with a goal of the wedding. She did great and I can't wait to see the wedding pics! With her permssion I'll post one here. She still wants to finish to get to her goal so we are still working together.

I am a little over halfway to my goal. Goal setting is difficult because numbers can be decieving, so I know generally I want to be the weight I was before I moved to Houston because I was comfortable and active there.

I have lost about 17 pounds, somewhere areond there, and want to keep going. It has been hard work, but I feel so much stronger and I have been doing weight training along with aerobics.

I am conviced the goal setting and friend support is what made it stick this time.

I am back into clothes in my closet.. thank goodness as at my highest I was down to one pair of pants that fit for Mass! And dreaded once again buying bigger clothes!

I am working out each morning and eating healthy (with a few exceptions)- about 1400 cal a day. Lots of lean protein and good carbs.

Ok.. that is it for my check in... I love setting goals and hearing others' goals, too. Even if it is smaller ones, such as drinking more water, getting outside every day.. it is about LIFE and living a healthy lifestyle. With little OR big changes. :)

With love,


Leonie said...

Well done, Cindy!

I am almost at my original goal weight but realized I won't be happy or comfortable there - so have lowered my goal weight. This means I have about 9 kg ( about 18 lbs) to lose, instead of just 2 kg ( about 4 lbs). And I may go lower - I'm working on being a former fat girl, you know! lol!

I'm eating 1200-1300 calories a day, a daily treat, woking out for one hour each day - cardio or kickboxing or aerobic weight training. Lost 1 kg this week!

And its not all about looks but also about health and how I feel...

Cindy said...

Hi Leonie-

I didn't realize you were still working on getting your weight (bmi) down. Physcially, you look super- healthy and fit. I know it is not all about looks, but how you feel. That is where I am, too.

It is a side benefit that I can fit in more clothes now and am looking trimmer. But knowing I am healthier is so good. And I can *move* again.

Oh, I forgot to post my friend's chlorestoral came down 20 points since she started this. Another great side benefit!

Can I ask some questions about your goals/plan? It helps me as I fine tune what works and doesn't for me...

Do you get hungry on 1200-1300 a day? If not what are you adding that keeps you satified? I am doing mostly lean protien, with some whole grains, yogurts, fruits and veggies. What is your daily treat? Do you plan it or whatever tastes good? Silly sounding, but I have found if I have plans of what I have, it keeps me from snacking/binging. Plus when I eat I eat, enjoy and savor, not scarf it guiltiy which I used to do.

How did you go about setting your orginal goal weight? From published weight/height/bmi guidelines or where you were in the past?

I am finding my original goal weight may not be right either, adn wonder if I should be heavier that I was 8 years ago when I began to put the weight on?

Maybe it is just an ongoing thing... just hard to get perspective when you are in the middle of it, and also when society tries to tell you things that may not fit.

Thanks-- and GREAT JOB!! On how far you have come in all areas and on the 1kg this week. Cool!

I thought it would be fun to lose a 'stone.' Isn't that about 14 pounds? I can just imagine the 'stone' some medievil person picked up and used as the measure.. lol

Leonie said...

A stone is about 14 lbs - 6.5 kg! lol!

I am not planning my treat but going with the flow and with calories - it might be alcohol if we have dinner guests ( a gin and tonic and a glass of savignon blanc, the other night!). Or yesterday was a WW icecream. Don't know what today's will be.

I look at my day at breakfast - how any calories will I need for dinner or am I having lunch out? Then choose around those things - healthy grains, fruits, veges, some meat and some dairy( I eat more vegetarian).

Sometimes I get hungry, sometimes not - if I eat soup and lots of veges and emotionally satisfying food ( weird, huh?), I get less hungry.

Sometimes, I don't mind hunger - makes me feel lean, makes me enjoy the next meal. Not too much hunger of course - but I've learned that I won't die if I get hungry and decide to wait for the next meal or snack!

I'm using the BMI as a weight guide. I am normml - but cos of my health conditions my dr and I think that a lower normal BMI would be helpful. And I won't look in the mirror and sigh so much! lol!

I'm not using past weight as a guide - I have a history of body image issues and eating disorders, from age 8 onwards, so think my past weight was often very underweight - below normal BMI. And think that I need to avoid being too thin now in my 40s - thin can look haggard, iykwim?

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