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Monday, October 8, 2007

Video-Susan Powter

I found this old 1993 video at my library and did it this morning- liked it more than I thought I would! I liked Susan Powter's personality and she had 'real' people of all shapes and sizes working out with her.

I think it is so cool she lost 163 pounds. Says she started at 260... wow, what an achievement!

I particularly thought that the upper body was challenging. She said you needed a bench but I did those exercises on the mat just fine. You also need handweights.

Good workout.. my biceps and triceps are tingling as I type this~ :)

She also went slow enough that you could really use the weight and not momentum. I have the trouble in some videos and classes, that they go too fast and I end up swinging the weights and not getting the best workout.

The first review on the Amazon website could have been written by me! I agree totally.. I used weights on the lower body and did lunges instead of some of the hamstring exercises to challenge myself more. I also upped the weights on the upper body. I like when workouts do 3 reps of each muscle, that is when I begin to really feel it, and she did that. Great review on the site below if you want more info...

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Rachel said...

Interesting point about swinging weights, Cindy. I think I do that without thinking just like the way you lift your butt when you do situps until you learn to do it correctly. Why didn't anyone ever mention that about weights? I guess now I know.

I love the skipping idea too. I'll save that until after the baby, I think.

Leonie said...

How are you and baby, Rachel?

Glad you enjoyed that workout, Cindy. One I've never tried!

I just bought some Biggest Winner workouts, from Jillian Michaels from the Bigest Loser. Only half hour circuits, cardio and weights and calisthenics - but, they do get your heart rate up and get you sweating!

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