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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The "soup" diet

Yes, ladies, I am still around. We have been playing Motel 6 for a few weeks and then I was sick and now I am coming back to life. Not the "best life" yet, but trying. :)
Before things got crazy, I was doing the awesome Pilates 10 minute workouts Leonie mentioned to me many moons ago when I first joined up here. They were fun and efficient. I would do ab's and flexibility each day. Well, until we were inundated with guests and family and more guests. I am hoping to get back into them next week. And on the treadmill, too.
Meanwhile, I have been cooking up major batches of soup since the beautiful fall weather is upon us. So, since the kiddos aren't that thrilled about soup, and dh can only eat the same thing once or twice a week, I will be eating pea soup, chicken vegetable soup and tomato soup for the next 2 weeks at least :)
I'll let you know how it affects my waistline :)
Off to bed,


Leonie said...

Hi! So good to hear from you - and glad to hear you like the pilates workouts.

I've heard that soup is very good for weight loss - filling for fewer calories. :-)

Cindy said...

Oh, yummm.. this sounds so wonderful! I love soup. It is amazaing how wonderful it is homemade, too.

If it is easy I would love your recepies.. especially for the split pea and tomato soups.

Enjoy! oh, yes and soup is very healthy and good for the waistine (excpet those with lots of cream, of course..) :0

mom2mpr said...

Should I post the recipes here? I might be able to at a later time :)
The pea soup is the crock pea soup in Leanne Elys "Saving Dinner" book. Easy and so, so good!! The others are from my new cookbook, "Simply in Season".
The Halloween candy is negating any calorie decrease I have from the soups :)
Believe it or not most of the soups are GONE. The chicken was so good dh and I have been fighting over it :)
Off to bed,
PS- the treadmill is getting de-dusted. I broke my wrist(Slipped while kicking a soccer ball for the dog in the wet yard) so my weights and some Pilates and stretching are on hold for a few weeks :( Along with vacuuming and cleaning-:) :) The dog hairs are taking over!

Cindy said...


Yes, you can post them here, if you want.. or make as a new entry. That would be great, but only if you have time. I know how hard it is to find time to post. Now I usually just post recipes from my Taste of Home magazine b/c the have a webstie I can cut and paste them from!

So, if/when you have time.. no hurry or pressure.:)


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