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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Prenatal Yoga

I love this yoga DVD and finally pulled it out again yesterday. I only got through the warmup before small people woke up and started fighting for space on my mat, but that was fine with me as the squats were already making me huff and puff! The beauty of this workout is that it is designed to be used all through your pregnancy. There are 3 women doing the workout together, each one in a different trimester and adapting the poses appropriately. My kids love to say, "Are you the red or the blue lady, Mommy?"
Shiva Rea also has a workout for after delivery, but I do not care for it as much. For as much as I do yoga, I could probably stick with the first trimester workout from this DVD and be just as happy.
I also made it to the pool on Sunday and did a half hour of freestyle with 2 sidestroke laps (one lap on each side) thrown in for a change of pace. All I can say is...OUCH! If you are looking to whittle your waist, sidestroke is the stroke for you.


Cindy said...

Your yoga sounds perfect, Rachel! I can just see your little ones on the mat with you.. and I am the same with yoga. I bought a 3 DVD set, beginnner, Int. and advanced and never have made it all the way through the beginner! But I love it. I may just give away the other two.

Keep healthy and take special care of yourself. Good job with the swimming!

Leonie said...

Wow, good job on the workouts.. I have an old Denise Austin Pregnancy workout that I did during a couple of my pregnancies - fun!

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