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Monday, February 26, 2007

CK's Goals for Week of 2/25

Hey, a place to put my goals! I liked it when I posted them last week, because it gave me some accountability. You can skip if this is a snoozer to you.. lol

Why the dog picture? Because I like dogs and it made me smile!

My workouts are pretty standard fare. But I like the Jazzercise workout and love the people! I also hope to get outside every day and walk with my CDs. I have a lot of projects around the house that are physical, including cleaning the garage so (of course!) will count those.

For Lent I gave up processed foods, so hope my diet will improve as a result. I may make notes on my eating, as well. Ok.. I will TRY to cut down on processed food. :)

That's it!


Report: Did the class, but was tired. Had my watch on and burned 300 cals- not a lot for that class. But came home and got the cleaning bug.... and had my watch on still.. burned 500 more calories in 2 hours of cleaning and patio cleanup! And listened to a Fr. Corapi CD at the same time! Mind/Body/Spirit all at once.. plus a clean(er) house!

Eating: OK. I should never publish my Lent intentions in case I (when I do) mess up... I may erase that --- lol

Jazzercise step
Took day off.


No Jazzercise.. but to the park in the evening and walked around it twice (which is about 3 miles). Listened to a Fr. Groeschel CD. Very nice.

Jazzercise night class and
PT session

Ha ha! Skipped out on jz and the PT.. but had a better offer. It was a BEAUTIFUL day here, not only low humidity and nice temp, but a real honest to goodness breeze. Dh and I took our darling dachshunds to the park and had a lovely walk.



Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

What a good thing to give up, Cindy!

I'd love to hear about your diet and recipes!

Love you!

Cindy said...

Well.. I am trying to eat more real things... vegs, good meat, fruit, etc.

I love green tea decaf iced. Yum. Have been putting a shot of pomegrante juice in it lately, yum.

I have some fav recipes I will try and post.. would love to hear yours and others, too.

Trying really hard not to look at food as an adversary or forbidden.. but as part of life to enjoy but eat knowing I need to do the best for my health. I really NEVER want to diet again.

That is my goal for now... :)

Leonie said...

Good goal - and some cool workouts planned.

I'm still trying to figure out what it is you are giving up for lent. lol!

I am cutting down on caffeine for lent - notice that I am not giving up tea/coffee completely. Just havving less and more herbal! lol!

Beate and Sabine said...

Wow! We feel more fit just reading baout your fitness regimens! LOL We've been discussing walking for exercise but instead we're reading blogs ;-)

Cindy said...

Hi Leonie-

I am giving up processed foods.. but you gave me some good insight.. I will TRY. I have this battle each year with Lent.. I am so all or nothing. So I will try... good advice.

Sabine and Beate... you get TONS of excerise just living life with your big brood! When my guys were little I remember how active I was just keeping up with them!

Read some blogs, then go for a walk.. you live in such a beautiful area.... I love the hill country... :)

Leonie said...

Hi Beate and Sabine - now, how about a workout together??? While the kids are playing...

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