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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Checking In--

Hi all-

Just thought I would check in as I have been pretty remiss lately!]

I have been doing my regular workouts at Jazzercise. Now I try and go M-F and take weekends off.
I devoured most of the Fed Up book, and not to be dramatic, I think it was one of those life-changing books.

Ok.. have I scared anyone?

I have dieted and exercised since college. I kept hearing how one should not diet. I never believed it, but just thought it was another gimmick to sell books. I knew how my life changed in college when I did diet and all of a sudden got dates, and acutally that has carried over all these years. Not that I want to start dating, but that the other reasons I wanted to be thinner would be achieved by dieting.

I really recommend this book!

It was the first that really helped me accept myself, and I am planning to read JPII's Theology of the Body, too. I have read excerpts and know that is key.

But Fed Up also talks about how dieting makes your gain b/c you are creating this antagonistic relationship with food. It is true! You have to read this, if this is something that you can relate to, as I can never explain it like her.

And finally is the chapter on exercise. She is all for it for all the reasons we know. But again, she says not to use it as 'punishment' for eating badly. Do things that feel good. Move how you like to move. Dance when you clean house. Work out hard if that feels good. But don't do it to try and change into a petite size 6. Be who you are- a healthy you.

This has been like a lightswitch moment for me. I am tired of thinking about what I eat, and if I worked out enough to compensate.

I let go ... and already found that food has lost its forbidden allure... and I work out when I want to (which is still most days), but don't get at all upset if I miss.

I take care of me and am as nice to myself as I am to other people. Ah.


also went to PT tonight after a great Jx workout. Feel great! So came home and had a glass of wine and some cheesey breadsticks for dinner. YUM!


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

This sounds like a great book!

So happy for you, Cindy! :-)

Leonie said...

I like her emphasis on good workouts - good cos we do them since we like them and we like to be healthy. What I do! :-)

So flad you like the book..

Rachel May said...

It sounds like you've found some peace, Cindy. That is so key. The only format our library has for Fed Up is e-book so I'm going to have to carve out some time to listen to it. Maybe on the treadmill?

Leonie said...

Should read glad btw. :-)
Let me know if you like the book, Rachel..

Cindy said...

Thanks for the comoments, all.

And Leonie, I agree, there is nothing ilke a realy good workout!

TodayI am not working out but have a house to clean. I am going to count my steps and calories on my watch and see how much energy is burned that way.. :)

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