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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Exercising Creatively!

Well, as you know, my dh has been gone lots....in the past 3 weeks we've been passing sicknesses back and forth and now my littlest guy has had a fever.

So, I've had to be creative with my walking...

Sunday, my dh was home so I took one of the girls with me and walked two miles around the greenbelt area.

Yesterday, Big Daddy was gone and my little guy was feverin', so I walked up and down my street out front and prayed the Joyful Mysteries....

So, I'm tryin' to keep up with my plan even if there's some curves (and not just mine - ahem) along the way....


Leonie said...

Great, Maria! When all my kids were ittler, I had three different wokout plans - Plan A , Plan B, Plan C! lol!

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful, Maria.

Like Leonie, I found I had to have backup plans, too.. also so I would not get angry when what I had hoped for didn't go my way.

I have walked a long the perimeter of the park while my little ones played.. (close enough to help depedning on thier ages)

Also- do you have stairs in your house? I have a really challenging workout that invovled stairs and doing other exercises. It is hard!

Praying while walking is even better. Today I listened to Scott Hahn's How to Bring Fallen Away Catholics Back while I walked the neighborhood.

But, yes, Maria.. it IS challenging when you have young ones and esp when dh is traveling. I have BEEN there. Remember these times will pass (for better and worse, as I miss little ones)-- and you are doing just great!


A balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

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