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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Baby, baby steps!

Hi all!

This week I am resolving to do some things a little differently. I feel good that I have made it to two doctor's appointments, given the fact that I haven't been to any in 5 years! That's progress for me! So now I am feeling slightly inspired. So this week I want to:

1. Drink more water.

2. Eat five fruits and veggies each day (this involves some real meal planning. First I am going to clean out my disgusting fridge, so that I can actually stock it with fresh fruits and veggies.)

3. I am reading a really inspiring book entitled Strong Women Stay Young, by Miriam E. Nelson. Basically it is all about strength training for creaky, middle-aged women like me! So at least once this week, I want to do the strength training program outlined in the book to see if it hurts my knees and hip. I figure it will be an exploratory exercise session. I need to find what will truly work and instead of latching onto something and then having it not work out, I decided to put myself in the mindset that I am trying things out to SEE if they work. That way, if they don't, I won't feel like a failure, it'll be the exercise program that just didn't suit me!

4. Make an appointment to get my knee and hip x-rayed.

5. Check in with this blog more. I need to be around you ladies more so I can be inspired!

Right now I am off to buy ankle weights. Dh is staying home with the kids. I am going to Sports Authority and Crate and Barrel. I need to get stuff to organize my pantry. And I am going to treat myself to dinner out. Something healthy like a salad!




Leonie said...

Way to go, Faith - great plans!

I like that book - I have it and also another by the same author - Strong Women Stay Slim. I bought them both really cheap at a thrift store. While I don't follow their plans, I like the gist of each book, and i just like readin about fitness - and, yep, strength training is super important. :-)

Anonymous said...

This sounds just terrific, Faith.

You are inspiring me!

I like how you say to just try and see. I find it is easy to be all-or-nothing minded. Then when it doesn't work, say... Oh well I failed.. or I can't do this. Like there is a problem with me instead of just not being a good fit.

Anyway, that is so great that you got the DR. appts done..Those are not fun, but fun to have done. And let me know how you like the book and the weight plan.

I find the strength training has become as important to me as the aerobics. Esp at my age... I want to be strong and healthy, not just thin... and feel much better when I do them. It took me about 6 weeks before I started feeling a difference, then I really did. Just walking around, doing housework, even sitting at the computer, I felt so much better.

I have slacked off the past 2-3 weeks and am just starting over, so am taking it slow, too.

Oh.. I know you know this, but don't do too heavy of weight or lose form. I did about a month ago and pulled a muscle that took a week to recover. So now I use heavy enough weights to fatigue after 15 reps or so, but don't try and push myself simply by going 'heavy'...

Check in and let us know how it works, or does not work and how you are feeling!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for mentioning this new blog on the 4Real boards. I need this! I have been trying to be good about my eating habits in the last two months -- trying to lose the final 15 baby pounds. But I keep falling off the wagon. I'm going to be looking here for inspiration!

Cindy said...

Hi Elizabeth and welcome!
Would you like me to add you as an author so you can make your own posts? If so, let me know, or you are just welcome to drop in and comment, whatever you like.

God Bless,

Leonie said...

Hi Elizabeth - Welcome!

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