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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Eating tips for Valentine's Day ..

...or any other special day.

From my weekly Denise Austin email. :-)

Have a Sweet Valentine's Without the Sweets!

Eating a heart-shaped box full of candy isn't the only way to celebrate Valentine's Day. This February 14th, be really good to your heart with these healthier options:

Remember it's about romance, not eating, so skip the candy in favor of non-sugary treats! The options are endless — go for some perfume, jewelry, a soothing massage, or a dreamy moonlit stroll instead!

When dining out, stick to the menu's healthier fare. Don't use the holiday as an excuse to derail your healthy habits.

Feed your sweetheart (and yourself!) some fresh strawberries with low-calorie whipped topping for dessert, rather than a high-fat, high-calorie choice. It's a romantic — and guilt-free — finish to your meal!

If chocolate is a must, keep it to a few bites. Remember, labeling a food "forbidden" often leads to a rebellious binge. So if you must, have just a little bit to satisfy your craving. If you think of it as a rare treat, you'll really savor the occasion!

Go easy on the alcohol. In addition to being loaded with empty calories, too much alcohol can lower your ability to make good and healthy choices.

If you blow it, don't beat yourself up. You don't want to be guilt-ridden post-Valentine's! Just get back on track and keep going! You're still doing great


Rachel May said...

So what I needed to read, especially the part about forgiving yourself for not doing well. It's been a tough week!

My Valentine's gift (a surprise because we don't give gifts) is a wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse. My hands are sooooooo happy!

Leonie said...

Ooh, wireless! Very cool! :-)

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