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Friday, February 9, 2007

Check in..

How's everyone going - with workouts and eating and mind/body/spiritual balance?

I had a Saturday morning workshop for work today - I am just back. Managed to do the 60 minute Taebo Advanced Live 6 kickboxing and floorwork workout before I went - and man, my backside is still feeling it. Wow, I'm surprised I can walk! lol!

Anyway, even though the scale is annoying me, I must be doing something right . My jeans are loose and dh noticed how much flatter my abs are - after seven big babies I had almost given up on flatter abs.

And I am noticing that my daily workouts are my mood enhancers - they make me feel better even on crummy days. Thank you, God!


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you check in Leonie!
I know you are so right about how the workouts are great mood enhancers. It is like after a good workout, my frame of mind is compeltely different!

I have enjoyed my week of not worrying about food. ;) Now I am thinking how to eat heathier, but not by a list or schedule. Good.

Also my husband belongs to the YMCA and just upped our membersihp to include the whole family. I am looking forward to trying some new group classes there, as an alternative to Jazzercise only. They have a zillion classes, including Latin dancing and yoga. They also have a ladies only weight room with pink walls, dim lights and a place to drink tea after.

They have weight machines there, which I would like to do again, and I can listen to my books on tape.

It is all about variety I guess... and keeping the mind-part balanced.

I will give you a review after I go!

Hope everyone else is doing well. Not sure what my workout will be today.. it is delightfully cool, so may take dogs to the park. Though I wish they could walk faster.. lol


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Congrats, Leonie! Awesome.

I just got back to some walking yesterday after being sick this week. It wasn't a large amount I walked but at least it's a start!

Monday is the plan to get back to it full swing!

Cindy said...

Maria.. I hope you feel better soon.

I find sometimes it is hard to get active again after working out.. but just do it! Once you do, it will feel so good... is the rest of your family well?

Leonie said...

Maria and Cindy, you are both doing well. Its really about managing time and mind, isn't it?

I always look for easy workouts when I am sick - I think an easier workout is better for me than no workout, esp with my blood clotting disorder - walking or walking DVDs or yoga. And then something fun to get back right into it - just do it, as Cindy says!

The Y sounds cool, Cindy and your walks sound just right, Maria.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Leonie- you are so right about moving when you are sick. I need to remember that. Yoga is a great idea. I will try that next time I am sick.

Yesterday I felt really crummy and was so tired of the house (and the perpetual messes that keep cropping up... argh) so I went to the Y. That was my first time and I was not sure if I would like it, so really went with one goal:


And it worked, plus I got a good workout. The other thing that can change my mood is prayer.. or doing a rosary which I just started trying to do daily. This is big for me b/c I didn't grow up with it but have begun to enjoy it.

Is this 'tanget day' for me? Lol...


Leonie said...

Nice to hear your story, Cindy - prayer and workouts!

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