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Sunday, February 4, 2007


One thing I have discovered over the last 13 months or so, is that I like Bootcamp workouts.

Perhaps its the whole military thing - pushing myself to my limit. I now have a number of Bootcamp workouts to my name, purchased on special or for birthday and Mother's Day ( everyone knows to give me a new workout for a present - what else could I want? lol!) Books and workouts..).

Today I did Taebo Bootcamp 2 - 55-60 minutes of traditional military Bootcamp PT ( push ups, squat thrusts, jogging in place, jumping jacks and so on) . Mixed with Taebo "combat" moves.

It is definitely an advanced workout, as this
reviewer writes. I was sweating buckets - it was a hot, humid day, though. And I love the section in which Billy and his dd Shellie demonstrate some self defense moves...

Here is an excerpt from the review ~

Want to get a dose of what it is like to climb under fences, crawl through fox holes, scale a wall? If your answer is yes, this is the workout for you. Warning! This is a very advanced workout!

In my review of Tae Bo Bootcamp 1, I said something to the effect that you should be ready to join the armed services after completing this workout. Well if you can make it all the way through Bootcamp 2, the armed services better be ready for you! This is one tough, kick butt dvd!

But it is total fun - I can take this feeling of challenge and apply it to other parts of my life. I can prayerfully set challenges and move ahead....


Anonymous said...

Man, I am tired just reading your review!

But, yes, Leonie I always enjoyed things like this that really work me hard. That is one reason I enjoyed Diane in my PT classes... she had that 'tough love' kind of feel, though not as tough as Billy and she never yelled.. lol well, she did quietly. :)

This reminds me back when I was in college. I was friend with a group of people one of which was my dh. At that time we all just hung out and studied. One of our mutual friends kinda liked me so asked me to go jogging with him. I think this was a warm up to dating.

Well, he was a marine reserve. He had a buzz cut, ate Grapenuts without milk, slept on a pad on the floor and had military books all over his apt bedroom. He got up each morning at 5am (so I hear) and did lots of chinups before his run.

Well, I was a runner then, but when I went jogging with him, I got my boot camp. "Keep your knees up!" "Let's move it up this hill!"

I think for him this was part of the dating ritual... lol.... it was fun, but we ended up just being friends. Now he is the advisor to a secretary of state somewhere in the midwest and married a really cool and diciplined woman.

Wow, this got long.. I am chatty today. Thanks for the memory!

Get your knees up!!! lol


Leonie said...

Wow, love the memory!

BTW, what sort of work does your PT have you do?

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...


I love how you use exercise challenges as a metaphor for life!

I've always thought of life as an Olympics of sorts!

Rachel May said...

This review was timely. I was checking out Netflix to see which workout DVD I want. I don't think I'm quite ready for this. It doesn't help that I'm uncoordinated.

Rachel May said...

Hah! That comment of mine came out quite stilted. I should have read it over again. Anyway, Leonie, once Cindy and I fix my picture posting issue, you'll get to enjoy my GI Jane pic. :)

Leonie said...

Cool, Rachel - and truly, I find you don't need to be co-ordinated. You just give it your best shot - as Billy says, you lose yourself and your thoughts and just try. Or go at your own pace. Or walk it ou. Billy is famous for letting us know we can modify.

Maria - I agree, I have often thought of my liofe as a homeschoolin mu as a life of an athlete - woking hard but enjoying it, in for the marathon, sacrificing some thing for the overall good...

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