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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bloggy Business...

Ok, I thought I would post this here so if you all have better ideas you can chime in!

Rachel had asked how to get her pic in the personal profile.

This is how I did it.. maybe Leonie or others has simpler method?

1) I created another blog that is really just a dummy.

2) I made a post and uploaded the picture I wanted (in html mode, not compose mode)

3) I hightlighted and copied the html code.

4) I went into dashboard, edit profile and pasted the html picture code into the space where it asks for it in the LEAN BUT NOT MEAN blog - photo section. And checked to share the profile on blogs.

That was it!

Rachel if you don't want to/don't know how to set up a dummy blog, I can upload your picture to mine then give you the code to paste into your profile. Just let me know. You will need to email me the picture.

Does this make any sense? Leonie, is this how you did it?

Now I have a question for you all!
I check the 'remember me' on this computer when I sign into blogger, but it never remembers me. So when I navigatate away from this page, I have to login every time I come back. Does anyone know how to get the blogger to remember me?



Leonie said...

I just scan my pic onto my computer - or save it onto my computer if its diital. Then, on the create post page, I click on the little blue image to the right - this is when the page is in compose mode.

select browse and browse my computer to select the pic.

I double click on the pic and then designate on the blogger page where I want to place the pic and its size. There are prompts to follow... I usually do small as its quickest to upload.

Click upload pic and then when the Done sign comes on click that and its finished!

I don't save remember me as several thers in this family use these computers and have bloger ids. I just sign in each time I am bloging - and remaid signed in for my computer time, when I visit other blogs. I sign out when my computer time is finished.

Rachel May said...

Thanks for the help! I've been moving so things are out of whack for a week or so. Keep watching, I'll get that pic up soon!

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