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Friday, February 16, 2007

Food Is Our Friend- and workout vision

(I thought I would update my planned exercise below to track how I did vs. my goal)

I have had an interesting time since reading Fed Up. I let go of my worrying about eating, and then began eating rather unheathily. But, that played out and now I find I am craving healthy food.

Where I work out an instructor suggested we keep food journals, as she is (and has lost 7 pounds) and bring them in each week. I just can't do that yet. I am still just too tired of all that thought put into food. I really hope and pray I can get a natrual balance.

I think food journals and other tools are great at times.. but just not now.

For Vday my dh bought me some dark chocolate with expresso. I loved them. I have eaten one or two a day. I don't want 'forbidden food' to drive my life so much that I can't appreciate a gift like this, or sharing some homemade pesto or a juicy steak with my family. This must be a natural thing.. which is what I am in search of.

I also don't want to one day be a 70 year old grandma on a diet. lol

I had an awesome PT workout last night! (Personal Touch is an hour of strength training in small group format). We worked on the step. Lunges off the back and side of the step. Bicep, shoulder and romboid work. I was already sore before I left and woke up delciously sore this morning. Ahh...

Oh, also per Fed Up, I decided not to work out every day. Take it as it comes. But I found, like Leonie has said, that I miss daily workouts. I would feel sluggish. So my goal is to incorporate daily workouts back in my life, but have them be just a normal part like brushing my teeth.. get them done early (my preference) when they don't take away too much family time, and not obsess if I do have to miss now and then.

Here is my workout plan for the next few days:

Today- Jazzercise (I fill in as Class Manager today)- with Diane, a favorite instructor...

Sat- Special Love your Butts and Guts class at Jazzercise... 1 hour and 15 min of abs and glut work, then 40 min of aerobics!

(update... slept in on a Saturday morning.. Ahh.. felt good! Will get a workout in today or tomorrow in lieu...)

Sun- off
(Went to Jazzercise. Enjoyed the class, though feeling heavy from my bread eating-fest...) lol

Mon- trying a new class at the Y-
(I hated it!! Left early... am going to stick to Jazzercise!)

Tues- Jazz pm (Filling in as class manager)
(Went- Good.)

Weds- Jazz am
(Did class and then part of next class.)

Thursday- Jazzercise, then PT
(Did class (though arrived late) and had a great PT sesson. Sore next day...)

Friday- Jazzercise regular class

(Did class then walk in neighborhood- 513 C.)

Sat- off (walks with dogs, etc)

Sun- off (maybe pm Jazz if I decide to skip Monday)

What are you all up to with your work outs these days? How is your eating going?


Leonie said...

I;m trying to eat less processed foods - I am ok with occasional treats but I really want the majority of my diet to be less processed - grains, fruit and veg, protein, dairy.

Lost 1 kg this week ( 2 lbs).

My workouts are just a part of my daily life - like teeth brshing but way more fun. I never like to miss a day - not cos of guilts but because its my routone, its important to me, its my time, for my health and well being.

Yesterday I did an old FIRM workout that I received in the mail - I had some DOMS in my arms and legs this morning. Which is funny, since it didn't seem any tougher than the Jari Love Get Ripped workout that I have been doing on M/Fr these last two weeks. Jari feels tough but never gives me DOMS.

Off to do a Taebo now!

Leonie said...

BTW, forgot to mention that I had a piece of dark chocolate with macadamia nuts on Valentine's day. Yum! The trick for me is small treats, occasionally, stop at one and listen to myself. :-0

Cindy said...

Good job on the loss, Leonie!
Do you have a kg goals you are shooting for, or just changing your lifestyle and seeing where it takes you weight-wise?

You inspire me how the workouts are a part of your life. I remember a while back you had a Kumon meeting (I think) but found time to do at least part of a workout.

When I was my fittest, I ran every day. And it was so much a part of me that I didn't even think about it. Part is b/c it was easy. I only had to strap on my shoes, and I had a running partner which which I had a standing date every morning at 5:45. And if I didn't show, I heard about it later. :)

So glad you enjoyed your Vday treats.. yes I agree, the trick is to stop. And listen. Ahh.. good advice I need to take to heart...

And when I do mess up (like I did yesterday.. we got a bunch of free Panera bread from a freind..) to just brush myself off and start over.

Great advice!

Leonie said...

Yes - there's no messing up, just life! lol!

I'd like to lose about 8kg I think - about 17 1/2lbs. My old/initial goal is only 3kg away ( about 6 1/2 lb) but I think I'd like to go lower for health and fitness.

I don't have a time frame or a set in stone weight loss goal, apart from the loose one above. I just work on eating healthy and working out and trust that will get me to a good place. Well, most of the time! lol!

Rachel May said...

Cindy, your relaxed attitude is inspiring. I find that I am all or nothing, and I have a tough time finding middle ground. It's a flexibility issue. I want everything MY WAY, workouts, food, weight, health.

Leonie, Great work on the weight loss! I'm going back to WW this week. I got derailed with my move.

Cindy said...

Hey, Rachel... I am NOT that relaxed and wish I were. I have probably been on some kind of diet or worrying about food since I was in college. :0

Luckily exericse is a part of my life.

The book I read, Fed Up, explains how I *want* to live... to eat naturally and healthily and not worry.

It is taking me a while, but I am really trying to learn that lifestyle.. the encouragement here is helpful!

And I know about all or nothing... It is good to have goals and motivation, but hard to find that balance, dont' you think?

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