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Friday, February 23, 2007


I haven't posted workouts in awhile but have enjoyed reading about everyone's successes.

I lost 100g this week - less than half a pound but I'm feeling good! :-)

Yesterday I did an old FIRM workout.

I did Total Body Shaping Mix - an old FIRM parts on DVD. While it does use a step, I like that it only uses one height - tall box. I often hate switching from low to high step/fanny lifter - seems fiddly to me.

The parts from other workouts are blended well but there are a couple of fast changes - one minute getting heavy weights with Pam and then working out with Tracie and others from a different workout, for example. This is so good for me - keeps me interested. lol! But can be difficult to keep up with, sometimes.

I liked the plyometric jumps and thought the cardio sections were fun - esp the section with Allie. I am feeling it in my quads today - all the legwork, esp the floorwork . I love floorwork - one reason why I love FIRM Volume 1 and Taebo Lives.

This is a cardio and sculpt workout...

The workout seemed to be lacking in chest work. The abs section was good and I stopped at the stretch/cooldown - had to take the kids to homeschool swimming.

All in all, the workout is 67 minutes long ( if you do the final stretch!). Definitely going into my rotation.

Today was Taebo - Billy's Favourite Moves. 45 minutes of cardio, with the usual kickboxing strength moves and a bit of floorwork. Billy and the crew have a lot of fun in this workout - so do I!


Rachel May said...

You amaze me with the variety of workouts you have. What is "plyometric"? What counts as floor work? Abs and pushups etc or is there more to it?

Great work on the weight loss! Here 1/2 lb is the same as 2 sticks of butter. Isn't it great to think of that disappearing from some part of your body?

Leonie said...

Plyometric jumps - measured high jumps - good for cardio and for strengthening bones.

Floorwork - abs, legwork, exercises for the behind, weighted or unweighted.

Pushups, burpees, mountain climbers etc count as unweighted body work. :-)

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Good for you, Leonie!

I'm a little slow in thinking about this - but I'm going to check my library for some of these workouts - what is a good one for beginners?

Leonie said...

Any of the newer FIRMS show beginner modifications - less impact, no weights or very light weights. Some suggestions: FIRM BSS1 - Cardio Sculpt. FIRM BSS2 - Complete Aerobics and Weight Training, Total Sculpting plus Abs. FIRM BSS 4 - Aerobic Body Shaping; Supercharged Sculpting. You can do them with or without a step.

Check out the reviews and pics at Collage Video - http://www.collagevideo.com/

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Ok, I just put one of the videos you recommended on hold!

It's the FIRM - BSS2 - my library didn't have the first one -

Wish me well!

I haven't done an exercise video in awhile and we're to have bad weather for the next several days!


Leonie said...

You go, Maria! Just follow the beginner's modifications - there is one exerciser showing these. And you don't have to do the whole tape, either - just do , say, 30 minutes and ff to the abs/cooldown....

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