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Saturday, February 10, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different..lol

Hi all-

Today I had a very different workout from what I am used to!

I have been doing mostly Jazzercise for 2 years, with occasional videos, treadmills or walks.

My dh belongs to the YMCA and upgraded us to family level. I went years ago, but just went back today.

They have a ladies only workout room which is very nice.. you can avoid the singles scene (yes, it exists at the Y!) and it is quiet in there, walls painted mauve, lights are calm and there is a place to sit and have tea after your workout if you want.

Today, I got the the eliptical machine with my book on tape of LOTR and did 30 minutes. As I was working up a sweat, Galdalf was giving Pippen the history of the crystal!

Then I did the weight machines for about 20 min. Then, did my own exercises in the corner on the mats with weights, medicine ball and the big ball.

Burned a bunch of calories and got my hr up-as good or even better than my regular Jz workout.

Though I love the socialbility of the group classes, this was so nice as I could just zone.. and I did. It was nice b/c I felt I could really enjoy my workout and let go.. I used a lot of the moves I have learned over the years from videos, Jz and personal training. I was in my own world!

And it was a nice atmosphere. Also nice that I can go anytime and not have to wait for group classes to start. So, a nice alternative.. another choice.

Hope you all have had some good workouts lately!


Faith said...

It is funny that you mention the Y. We used to go a couple years ago, but it got too hard trying to drag all the kids with me. My dh just asked me if I ever intend to starting going again. I have to look into it. Ours doesn't a nice women's workout room!

Leonie said...

Souns nice, Cindy. Is the Y close by - less travel time is always a boon for me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith-

I think it is all in seasons. I didn't enjoy the women's room that much when I tried it 2-3 years ago, but now do. Go figure! Oh, and not all the Y is singles.. just one time I was on a treadmill in the main room and saw a guy trying to pick up a girl. So that one time stuck in my mind.. ;0

But, they have great group classes. What I DO like about the Y is that they have all sorts of classes almost all day, and the weight room is open from 5 am to night, so it can fit my schedule.

What I like about jz is the personal nature- not crowded, same group of ladies, no parking problems.

There are so many choices== depending on lifestyle. 3 years ago these were not good choices as I had kids at home I could not leave, so then it was jogging with the jogger or working around when dh was home.

Or when they were really little it was a big challenge. But playing with them had me very active.. so many days we spent at the park like Maria. Oh, I miss those days!

Boy I got off on a tangent!

Leonie, I timed it. lol The Y is 10 min away. Jz is 8 min away.

I am very blessed. Now just gotta go!

Elizabeth said...

By the way, have you seen this website for tracking weight loss? It's pretty cool!


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