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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bikes, Turtles, Blades and Burritos

What do they have in common? Read on and see!

It all began at 10:15am when we left the home for our journey...destination: breakfast at a local cafe.

So, here was the view from where I sat - on MY BIKE!

Chomping down breakfast...

Afterwards, we picked up a friend and rode to the park to play where we happened to meet this sweet creature in the grass at the field...

Watching this turtle, we were able to slow down a bit...at first we watched him - he was about 50 feet from his water source. Then, after we moved a significant distance away, he darted for that water source only to find that he couldn't get back under the fence.

So, I picked him up and put him in a place where he could go under the fence and get back to the water.

Once near the canal, he drove at break-neck speed...


And we rode leisurely home.

All in all, our ride was about 7 miles whereupon we returned the safety of our shell and ate lunch.

Unlike the turtle, we did not eat greens.

We had black bean burritos and corn.

(Photo credit top 2 pics: me/turtle pic - Kaya, age 10)


Cindy said...

How cool! I love the photo-blog experience... I felt like I was right there with you all. What great memories you are making with your kids...

Rachel May said...

Maria, your endurance amazes me. 7 miles and with kids! I was happy to get 4 on my exercycle this morning. I love the turtle pic. It seems like you do a great job of integrating exercise into your family's day.

Leonie said...

Great pics - makes me feel warm
( we are in chilly autumn..).

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