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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ebbing at the moment

Well, I guess in sympahty of Leonie I am at an ebb wtih my working out.. I have not been feeling that well and thus taking the workouts easy. I think it is nice to kind of step back now and then. It also suddenly got very hot here. We had a mild and wet May, but now the temps and humdity is UP. And you even feel it in A/C. Kind of drains you.

I started to beat myself up about it, but then as I read Body Clutter I am trying to become a bit more relaxed about it. It will come.

I also went out and bought some more workout clothes. I had been wearing mostly sport pants but they are just TOO HOT. I also am having hot flashes or something-- my body is going haywire. So I am going all shorts now and only had one pair. I was afraid people at the Y would notice I was wearing the same shorts (but different tops) 5 days in a row! lol

So, I bought a couple more shorts and some of those short length tights to go under them. Those are so when you are on the floor doing leg lifts you do not shock your neighbors... lol

I have been getting used to all the classes at the Y, but still would like to have something at home to do when I don't want to leave or drive. Maybe I will try the treadmill again? Or some videos.

How are you all doing?


Leonie said...

Cindy, I hope you feel better soon. Ebbs and flows happen in everything in life, right? :-)

Show us some pics of your shorts! I'm on the lookout for some camo workout clothes - I have a pair of camo trousers I wear out but those would be too hot fot workouts. I see people in cool camo workout gear in some of my workout DVDs but can't find any in the shops here...

Cindy said...

HI Leonie-

Do you want a pic with me in them or not? lol lol lol

I notice at the Y there are all sorts of styles of workout wear.

Some just wear big Tshirts and shorts. I just get too hot even in T shirts, so I prefer the 'wick away' material and like sleeveless the best.

Some are into the capri sport pants, which is what I have a lot of from Jazzercise. Some like the sport shorts with the short length tights under. I am going back to that mostly because of the heat.

I have seen a little camo but not a lot. Some where tennis wear, some match, some are funky, some look like they just rolled out of bed.

I like that we can wear whatever suits us!

I will see about getting a photographer to take some pics of my new workout wear (with me in it..lol)

Leonie said...

Cool - I love pics!

Leonie said...

BTW, if you are lookin at workut videos, why not try the Zumba ones? Maybe something new to inspire?

Cindy said...

Thanks, Leonie... great idea for the Zumba videos....:)

Leonie said...

I've seen thm for sale on ebay, at Amazon and at Collage. Maybe even your local stores have them??/

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