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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Wishes for a Speedy Recovery to Leonie

Everyone at Lean But Not Mean wishes Leonie a very speedy recovery after her surgery!

I think this is an important part of health, fitness and life... to take the ups and downs and keep ourselves focused on health.. take it slow, ease back into motion and movement. And I know Leonie will be great at this!

I know for me, Leonie, I would have to deal with frustration of wanting it 'now'- but it will come and I know you will be back on your old schedule soon.

It is like Flylady lectures me, (and she does lecture)-- 'BabySteps!' or we will crash and burn.

Visit Leonie's link here

Welcome home Leonie! What are your instructions from the doctor about exercise? And how are you feeling?



Leonie said...

Thank you so much Cindy ( and friends!!).

The dr said no cardio for at least a week - and to be honest, because of all the exploratory abdominal etc surgery, it hurts just to walk - so I can see why no kickboxing.

But today I did some upper body work with light weights, just to keep my hand in! lol! Apart from that, I'm resting as ordered....

Rachel May said...

Leonie, you amaze and inspire me. How can I let Bill's new job derail me when you don't let surgery! stop you? I keep praying for you. :)

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