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Saturday, June 23, 2007

New "Plan"

Isn't it amazing how life changes? I am finding this humorous--though really, about a week ago-I didn't :) I had my goals and plans all set and voila--my daughter now rises at 7am!! Yea! So. Regroup. Redo. Hmmmmm....new "plan."
I enjoy(ed) my exercise in quiet in the morning, alone, without interruption--for about 2 weeks. Now, it is a whole new experience :) It takes a long time to accomplish things physically and be a good and attentive momma.
I now do my 15 Minutes for Dummies workouts in the am-with interruption and little voice asking me to pretend something while I huff and puff and push and lift. Oh, and try to pay attention to my instructor on the TV--with a tracking problem. I have a lot of trouble doing the warm ups on this tape. I was never a good aerobics participant. Give me a softball or basketball or a pair of running shoes and I am fine. But having my left foot and right arm doing different things at the same time-NOPE!! Add in that adorable little voice of my dd--I get so lost. But, I am moving and trying to warm up. The exercises after the warm up have been wonderful and I try to get through the 4 workouts on the tape in one week. So, get that, only 4 days of exercise! Only 15 minutes! But, I notice a difference strength-wise so that is working, so far. I hope to get to a point where I can do 2 sections a day-30 minutes a day. Not sure dd will allow that though :)
Still walking and changing the neighborhood on the weekends. People are actually waving before me now! Love it!
My new plan also involves moving more through my day. I now run down the driveway to get the mail--and I run back. I also run down the driveway to get the empty trash and recycle bins-once a week. I just can't run with them yet. I try things at the playground--the bear-walk bars(parallel bars), the slides, the monkey bars. We play red light green light in the yard. The dog and dd love this game. I try to get 4 times back and forth in the yard every other day. We played hide and seek the other day-I could not get away from ds, who is 9. He is fast!
So, it is summer and I am moving. And it is good.
Until next time....


Leonie said...

I like your new plan - and you are right, the plans of mothers must always remain flexible!

Good to hear from you Anne - how's the eating going? I'm doing rough calorie estimates, eating mostly healthy, and letting myself have a small treat every day. :-)

Cindy said...


I loved your post! I can just see you running to your mailbox!! lol

That is what it is all about.. being flexible- I remember when the kids were little... they would do the same thing as your dd did.. and mess up my plans. ..

But, now that myb oys are older I find other things mess me up, mostly me. But gotta keep trying.

Let us know how it goes.

You are doing GREAT!!!

mom2mpr said...

Leonie-I left eating out because I have been doing too much of the wrong stuff :)
Cindy, the "changes" are hard. I am trying to have a sense of humor and roll with them. I really need to exercise or I will fall apart.
Thanks for the "pep" comments ladies...
Til next time,

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